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April 23, 2005

Zina Garrison

Venus Williams


Q. Venus, were you rushing a little bit? Looked like you were kind of ahead of yourself on a few shots and maybe rushed a few shots out there. Were you playing a little quicker?

VENUS WILLIAMS: What was the question?

Q. Were you rushing a little bit today? Seemed like you were a bit ahead of yourself on some of the shots you hit out, seemed like you were moving too quickly.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, sometimes I do rush. I think that's probably one of my weaknesses. But I had Zina on the sidelines, reel me back in. I love you, Zina.

CAPTAIN GARRISON: I love you, too (laughter).

Q. Can you comment on that, Zina?

CAPTAIN GARRISON: It's funny, Venus is probably one I talk to a little bit more because first and foremost I think she wants it, for me to talk a little bit more. But I do try to calm her down. I think today she was rushing a little bit. It's difficult. May not seem to you guys, but the wind was moving a lot. You know, when she practiced earlier, it was still. So all those conditions and things you have to get used to, as well.

Q. Venus, did you feel like Lindsay gave you some good momentum for this match? You pretty much went as quickly as she did.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, she definitely gave me a head start. It's always nice to start out with a head start. I definitely played Fed Cup where one of my team members didn't win the first match. Either way, not much I can do for Lindsay or all the other players, except to support them the best I can during the week and during the match. Once I get on the court, I've got to try to control that environment and contribute the best I can. But I'm glad she gave us a lead.

Q. Zina, is it possible we'll see Serena at all on Sunday? How important is it to you -- how likely is it you've going to need all of your Top 10 singles player before this year is out?

CAPTAIN GARRISON: Definitely. I've been saying it, they've been saying it to each other, they're very aware of it. They've not only been supportive as team members just in front of you guys, but they're also very supportive when they're talking among themselves. In order to bring back the Cup, they're very clear that they need to come together. I think, you know, they've all put theirselves on the line in coming here. And as far as the Serena question, you know, I am really looking toward Beverly Livingston, which is our physio. You know, we just want to make sure that everything is right before she goes out there. So I'll talk to Serena later and see what might happen.

Q. Venus, could you share with us your feelings about automated line calls. Do you think it's good for the sport?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think that we can't be afraid of the future. That's that.

Q. Can you expand a little bit on that? Lindsay said she's old-fashioned, she's not too into the electronic lines calling. Obviously, you seem to be. Can you give a little more information?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think each player definitely has their preference. And it's sometimes hard to accept change. But I guess I'm after the cheese (laughter). If the cheese moves, then I'm going for it.

Q. Venus, you almost ran away with the match. Did you feel things change?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I just felt I had a little few too many errors, and she definitely hadn't gotten her rhythm. But I guess so, that was a fair description you just had. Thank you.

Q. Venus, when did you find out you were going to actually play today? Is it a little bit less nerve-wracking knowing late that you're going to play rather than thinking all week you're going to play?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Ultimately, as a member of the team, I'm ready to play any time. That's the first part. The second part is that I was ready to play once I saw Serena's twisted ankle. The third part is, I never asked Serena whether she was going to play or not. I just was ready. So it was really down to the wire, that last moment. Zina was like, Serena, take care of yourself. Guess what, Team B was in.



Q. After today's results, it appears like you guys are going to go ahead and do well. How do you keep the team from looking too far ahead? You still need one more point.

CAPTAIN GARRISON: I think it's been great. I mean, like Venus said the other day, we have to play each and every match. We have to finish it. It's not over, you know, till you finish. Lindsay has a very clear understanding of that. Corina and also Serena. I guess it starts from the top. I consistently keep saying that, "Let's finish it first, then we'll worry about where we're going."

Q. If they do install automatic line calling at the US Open, what things are they going to have to do to make it successful and stick in the sport?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think that the only way it can be successful is that each player has the same opportunity to question a call. You have to think that technology usually makes sports better, and life in general - not always, but usually. I'm kind of okay with it, as long as it's accurate.

Q. Is that unlimited questioning?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think that unlimited questioning would not be the right thing because dishonesty is very rampant these days. So we have to be careful because you just never know who's going to be pretending and who's not (laughter). But I'm honest.

Q. Did you give a look at all to Lindsay's match and what you thought about Eveline, since you'll be playing her tomorrow, we assume?

VENUS WILLIAMS: What do I think? I think when she gets a chance, she definitely gives a whack to the ball. She probably doesn't have the experience that both Lindsay and I have. That definitely will be a factor. But, you know, they always say, one point at a time. That's all you can do.

Q. Zina, in an era where egos are so huge, talk about the professionalism of these ladies that are playing. The egos seem to be not there, everybody being totally professional. Talk about dealing with the Williams sisters and with Lindsay on a regular basis in a situation like this.

CAPTAIN GARRISON: I think first and foremost, I think my personality fits really well with pretty much everybody. I'm low-key, very opinionated. I'm soft spoken, but when I speak, I speak. I think each one of the players, they respect that and they understand that. I think the other part to it is that each and every one of them are true champions, and they want to learn and they want to know something, they want to be the best, they want to perform the best when they go out there. I think when you have that, you have to expect that ego is part of it, pride is a huge part of it, and that's what makes them them.

Q. Couple of questions have been asked about electronic line calling. Would you support a limited or unlimited challenge?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Seems like the direction of unlimited is not going to happen. I would probably say limited for each set. Seems more likely at this point.


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