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August 2, 2004

Mardy Fish


THE MODERATOR: Let's open it up for questions for Mardy, please.

Q. At what point did the back pain flare up?

MARDY FISH: It started hurting probably late in the second set, probably like 4-All, 5-All, something like that. It hurt a lot when I was like stretching out. You know, I've been rehabbing it for a good nine, ten days now and, you know, it's gotten significantly better every single day. And, you know, I mean, I should be fine. I just -- my goal going out there was not to injure it more - I mean, to try to win, obviously, but not to injure it more. I was contemplating not even playing. I decided to give it a go. I could have won it there in the second set. Had I done that, I would have had two more days of rehab, which would have been huge.

Q. When you go out there with that kind of mentality, is it tough to go out and not get injured? Is that a tough way to go out?

MARDY FISH: I mean, not really. I mean, I think I knew exactly what I wanted to do and my goal going out there was to serve, serve well, at a high percentage, mix it up. I mean, I knew I couldn't hit my serve as hard as I could all the time like I normally do. Otherwise, it would have started hurting after the first set. I mean, I tried to hit a lot of kick serves and come in and try to give him no rhythm at all, and, you know, try to end the points quickly. I mean, I basically haven't -- I've been only doing rehab for the entire time -- I hit yesterday. That was the first time I hit since Thursday that I injured it. It's the first time that -- I wasn't supposed to do anything - riding the bike, running, anything like that. I was just physically, you know, I was feeling a little tired just at the end. I tried to shorten every point so I could last as long as I could.

Q. So it's been like a week and a half?

MARDY FISH: Pretty much, yeah. Ten days.

Q. How frustrating is it to have to play around these injuries this summer?

MARDY FISH: I mean, I've had two injuries in my entire career, in three years, three and a half years, something like that. I think I've been pretty lucky. I would take that any day. I think every guy out here would take two injuries in three and a half years. Mine just happened to be back-to-back. It's frustrating, you know. I wanted to do well here. I wanted to do well last week. I've missed four straight matches, straight tournaments, and this one, which I pulled out, is my fifth one. I don't really have too many points to defend next year (smiling).

Q. What is the exact nature of the back injury?

MARDY FISH: It's a sprained, like, ligament. Sprained muscle.

Q. What part?

MARDY FISH: In my back, like mid back on the right side.

Q. How did you do it?

MARDY FISH: Serving.

Q. Just practicing?

MARDY FISH: Yeah, like I hit -- it was in Indianapolis. I was practicing. I hit a serve, and I kind of walked back and I was like kind of feeling something weird. I was like, "What is that?" You know, I walked back. Hit a second serve. I just doubled over when I hit the second serve, and it started spasming really bad.

Q. Serving aggravates it more than any other action?

MARDY FISH: Yeah, yeah. But today it was like this stretching a lot was hurting it. But, yeah, mostly it's the serve.

Q. So you knew going into the third set today that you weren't going to have much of a chance?

MARDY FISH: Well, I mean, at the beginning -- I mean, once I went down a break, it was gonna be tough just because I was, I mean -- it was hurting bad and I didn't want to show it at all. I don't know if I did, but I definitely didn't want to show it. And, you know, it just started spasming up. It's really tough to even breathe. It was tough to breathe like -- breathe in deep. It would hurt really bad. So it was, I mean, it was going to be tough, I knew that. I knew if I could stay one break back, it's only one game that I could play really well on the return games and keep my serve. That wasn't really the issue. The issue was I didn't really want to hurt it anymore. This tournament I can play next year, and I can't play the Olympics next year. I really want to play that, and I really want to play singles and doubles there as well.

Q. So the goal now is to get healthy by the Olympics?

MARDY FISH: Yeah. That doesn't start for another two weeks from today, right? So, I mean, I'll be fine. It's gotten so much better in the past ten days. I couldn't really bend down and tie my shoes at first. Just to make it here and to be able to play two strong sets against a guy like Agassi without it hurting really, really bad, that was definitely progress. But I didn't want to hurt it worse.

Q. What did you think of his game today, particularly in that second-set tiebreaker?

MARDY FISH: I mean, he hit that forehand up the line, the backhand up the line. I mean, he comes up with good shots; that's what good players do. I've been on the losing end of a few tiebreakers this year - in a row. I lost the last two matches that I played 7-6, 7-6 before this one. So I've had some bad luck in some of them and, you know, not really played so well in others. But, I mean, he hit good shots and he made me come up with the goods. And I lost one point on my serve there up until the double-fault at 6-3. I mean, I don't know. I try to watch Andy play tiebreakers. He usually wins every tiebreaker he plays, which is pretty tough to do, so...

End of FastScripts….

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