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March 29, 2006

Jie Zheng


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.
Q. Was the blister on your foot hindering you or impacting the match at all?
JIE ZHENG: The final set? The final set, my shoes is open.
Q. It looked like you were trying to control play by coming up to the net and attacking, but the volleys just weren't there. Can you talk about that, about what happened.
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, I just try. I want to try to volley, but I have no chance. Too much, it volleys miss.
Q. Was that more her or you?
Q. Yeah?
JIE ZHENG: (Nodding yes).
Q. What tactics did you have coming into this? This was the first time you played her. What was your strategy coming into the match? It looked like you had good success with your forehand.
THE TRANSLATOR: In the second set she should use more volley because she had to change a little bit because Golovin stand a little bit behind the baseline. She should have been more coming in. So that's why she used more volley strategy.
Q. Is it a big deal in China that you've reached this level of tennis and you've come this far in these tournaments?
JIE ZHENG: This is the first time.
THE TRANSLATOR: This is the first time for Chinese player to reach to like the fifth round in Grand Slam -- not a Grand Slam, like a Tier I.
Q. So are you getting a lot of attention because of that back in your country?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation). No big surprise.
THE TRANSLATOR: She say no big surprise. If you win tournament, is big surprise. Just like a quarter.
Q. Do you feel like you're arriving as a player? You split sets with Mauresmo earlier this year, with Clijsters. Now you've gotten to this round of the tournament. How do you feel your game is improving?
THE TRANSLATOR: She got more confidence, yeah.
Q. What happened the last game? You seemed to fall apart in the last game, double-fault.
JIE ZHENG: My shoes is --
THE TRANSLATOR: -- broken. Shoes are broken. Some problem with the shoes. The shoes is like little bit, you know, like...
JIE ZHENG: The shoes is open.
THE TRANSLATOR: Open mouth (laughing).
Q. Was there a blister problem?
JIE ZHENG: I think so.
THE TRANSLATOR: Both blister, and the shoes some problem.
Q. Can you say, do you feel comfortable on the professional tour? Are you still getting adjusted?
THE TRANSLATOR: She say she feel comfortable and satisfied. Because when they travel, she is tired. She has already played like fourth tournament already. Now after this tournament, we come back China to more practice and make an adjustment, and then prepare for next round tournament.
Q. Do you ever have time for sight-seeing or going anywhere besides the tennis?
THE TRANSLATOR: It depends the match which going on. If you still win, no chance to go shopping to somewhere or sight-seeing. But if you lost early, you can.
Q. Are you planning on it in Miami, go to the shops?
THE TRANSLATOR: Yeah. We went yesterday shopping near the hotel.
Q. What tournament are you looking forward to most over the course of the rest of the year?
THE TRANSLATOR: She said French Open, like clay court. She like it.
Q. What about Golovin, the way she played? What did she do well today? How was she able to defeat you?
JIE ZHENG: I think she serve is best for me.
THE TRANSLATOR: Better than her.
JIE ZHENG: I serve second serve --
THE TRANSLATOR: -- too weak.
JIE ZHENG: Yeah (smiling).
THE TRANSLATOR: Her serve not good enough. She got to be more improved.
JIE ZHENG: And the volley.
THE TRANSLATOR: Baseline is okay. She very strong. But then the serve is little bit...
Q. Do you hope to play in the Olympics in Beijing?
JIE ZHENG: I hope so.
Q. You hope so. Has tennis suddenly become more important in your country because of the Olympics?
THE TRANSLATOR: Not only. Because we try to do some professional way. Also we, you know, try to prepare for 2008. It's the same thing.
If you get (to the top?) in professional tour, also we can get (to the top?) in 2008. So that's why we try to, yeah.
Q. Why are Chinese players doing better now in tennis?
THE TRANSLATOR: Now more popular. You know, how do you say, many supports, come and pay more attention on tennis. Before, they don't care. Now, they like it.
Q. Is it because of the Olympics?
THE TRANSLATOR: It's not only Olympics. You know, the Chinese economy goes up, also they have money to support player to go out, you know, for challenge, for everything, getting more strong.
Q. You take the ball early, you hit pretty flat. Was there anyone in particular that influenced your style? Was that always your style?
THE TRANSLATOR: She said no, "I'm short." She should be playing more quick, more flat, because I'm not so tall enough. So that's why I try to do, you know, more fast, more quick, to do this playing style.
Q. Are you watching any other players when you're not playing?
JIE ZHENG: (Nodding yes).
Q. Can you say which?
JIE ZHENG: Martina Hingis I like.

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