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March 27, 2006

Tatiana Golovin


Q. Congratulations, that's a very good win.
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Thank you (smiling).
Q. Talk about this tournament. I mean, you got revenge out there. She beat you here last year in the same round.
TATIANA GOLOVIN: She did. She beat me also at Indian Wells last year, so it's our fourth time playing against each other. We're actually pretty good friends, so we know each other pretty well.
I knew how she was gonna play. I knew that I had to be really tough out there. I think just playing at home really helps. And, you know, I've been playing pretty well the last couple weeks. I'm feeling confident.
Q. Where did move to, you live in Miami?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, last year, after Wimbledon.
Q. Key Biscayne and Miami?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Brickell Key. I'm a local now.
Q. Have you practiced on these courts a lot?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: All winter, yeah.
Q. Talk about, obviously, we know about her shaky serve and you seem to really dominate her second serve. Was that a game plan? Attack her second serve?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I think her serve has gotten a lot better since previous years. I think it still bothers a lot of players. I think I did put a lot of pressure on her, she started to double-fault. I think she played really well last night.
I think I was just really solid out there. I knew my game plan, I really stuck to it, I think that's really what made the difference. There were a few points that were really important that I played, that I got through. I think that really kind of got her down afterwards.
Q. You're saying that isn't your game plan, to attack her second serve?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: It was, but it's tough because it's a slice serve to the forehand. It's a lot tougher than it looks. You know, the slower it goes, the harder it is.
So, yeah, I was just really trying to -- I kind of knew she goes down the line when she wants to hit a winner, and crosscourt when she's at the baseline. I kind of knew where she was gonna go. Like I said, I was moving well and played the important points right. That's kind of what made the difference.
Q. Did she go for any big first serves?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: She did, she hit an ace.
No, but you can kind of see with her toss where she's going to serve. But it's always tricky. You know, I mean, no wonder she's top 10. It's because even with that serve, it really does bother a lot of players.
Q. You work with Roddick's old coach, Tarik?
Q. When did that happen?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Last year. All winter. That's why I practiced here.
Q. Is he with you at this tournament?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: He's -- we're kind of on and off.
Q. You don't like him to be on the court with you?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah. I mean, he's just working with Karlovic as well, so he's pretty busy.
Q. He is your coach, though?
Q. And what is it now?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Off (laughing).
Q. Talk about your next opponent, Zheng.
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I just practiced with her actually like couple years ago. Chinese player, right? She's gonna be tough. If she's in the quarters, she must have played well. You know, we have a day off tomorrow because we played three days in a row. So I'm just going to take it easy tomorrow and then go out there and be a fighter on Wednesday.
Q. Are you tired of facing all these Russians?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No (laughing). Should I be?
Q. Is it nice to beat some of them?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: It's always nice to beat top players, you know, more than anything else. But, you know, when you have good matches, it just makes you feel better and it really shows that the work you put in all winter kind of pays off. That's what's happening right now.
Q. With a lot of big seeds gone, you still have Mauresmo and Sharapova. Do you feel that you could like be in the finals of this tournament?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I don't know. I'm just happy to be in the quarters. It's my first time here in the quarters. I just want to go out there on Wednesday and play my best. Then if I'm in the semis, great. If not, then just got to go back and work. I'm not really looking that far ahead right now.
Q. Lots of friends and family?
Q. How many about?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Actually, they're not all coming. They're not. No, my sister is here. My mom is actually with my other sister who just had a baby. I don't have all my family with me, but definitely a lot of friends that are here.
Q. Will they show up for your next round?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No, I don't think so. The baby is just a week old. I don't think they're allowed to take the plane.

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