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March 18, 2006

Paradorn Srichaphan


Q. Felt like you played a good match, but he was too good out there.
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yes. Before the match, I really looking forward to play for sure because it's semifinal, play Roger Federer. I go out there and I try my best. But, you know, he really playing well today, I think. Even I have chances, he always controlling the point, so is really difficult to play against him.
Q. What does he do differently, two things that make him different than any other player?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, I play Roger two times. Today his game, he really mixing up the game not like other player. Normal player will play the same way the whole match. But Roger, he's really good with mixing the ball, with the spin, with the slice and the serve. I didn't get any rhythm today, so is tough, because my game have to get rhythm in the game, try to ripping the ball.
But he also quick around the court, so that's why, you know, he's really good to get every ball back.
Q. I remember you played a great match in Bangkok. Do you feel he's playing even better at the moment?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, for sure. You know, he always performs well every match he go on court because, you know, he has to be really have a good preparation before he play in every match because, you know, his experience to be No. 1, he's for sure he got to have that.
Yeah, of course, as I said, he would play better and better when he get deeper to the tournament. He always playing well when he reaching, you know, far in the tournaments.
Q. How important was this tournament for you?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: For me every tournaments is really important for me. But this one I would say is the Masters Series, so it's always important to do well. And especially this tournaments, I never have a good results here. So I'm really glad performance this week.
From first round, I do -- I'm playing well for the whole week, a lot of tough matches, playing a lot of seeded player. I just try to get my ranking back to where I was.
Q. Are you surprised how powerful a simple thing like controlling your breath can be and the effect it's had on your game?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: Yeah, I think everything in life is about basic. If you have a good basic, you will have a good long road. If you didn't have good basic, you will start bad and you will finish bad.
So just like in tennis, if you have a good basic, if you start the match well, if you thinking positive, if you don't get crazy too quick during a match, then everything will be okay.
Q. You spoke about meditation, Buddhism. Does that help, too, in terms of balance?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: I would say yes, because I become a monk on December last year. I learn a lot from temple, that I do a lot of meditation. That would give me a lot of focus. To focus on one thing is not easy. And what to get better is practice, so I do a lot of practice of meditation before I'm going to bed. That is really helping me to focus in the game that I want to.
But it doesn't mean if you have good focus you win all the time, because you have to be aggressive sometimes.
Q. You're such a huge figure in Thailand, what was your reception from the monks?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: I went into the temple, and all the monk there know I'm going to come in the temple and spend time with them and stay in the temple with them. They're quite exciting. But they're not really show because they're monks. So they can't really show like the normal people do, like laughing or talking loudly. They can't do that.
They speak about Buddhism in the temple. Of course, they ask me, "When you're going to play again? When is your next tournament? I always following your news. Hopefully you can do well." He ended with, "Make sure you do meditation, after you out of the monk, you should keep do meditation." That's what he say.
Q. It sounds like it's really helped your career?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: I think so, yes. That's what I'm saying, to focus on one thing, you have to practice, to do meditation.
Q. You say everything in life is about basic. What do you mean by "basic"?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: "Basic" is simple, I think. I think everything in life is basic. Let's say in tennis, if you have a bad grip, that is from the basic, then I might can't play that long in my career because I might get injury in my wrist, if I had like a really bad grip and I trying to hit the ball too hard. But if you have a good basic, then my career would go longer.
So let's say if the people getting -- I would say getting married or deciding to stay together, if they not understand each other, they would break up. I think that's all about basic. If they both understand each other and respecting each other, I would say the marriage life is going to prolong.
Q. Does that mean Federer has the best basics?
PARADORN SRICHAPHAN: That's a good one. I think, yeah, he's good on that. He's really simple guy, easygoing. He didn't do anything like too much. He keep simple.
Q. Are you doing 15 minutes a day?

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