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March 15, 2006

Tommy Haas


Q. Must be disappointing to have to pull out through illness. Can you explain what happened today?
TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, I basically mentioned that I'm feeling sick since the match after Andre. Unfortunately, just went to the wrong restaurant I guess at night. Yeah, was up the whole night vomiting. Throughout the day yesterday didn't even leave the room once. Just thought maybe give it a try going out there today.
But, yeah, still a little bit too weak and no strength to compete out there against the best. Unfortunately, I have to withdraw. Yeah, now I just got to make sure I get rid of the bacteria or virus in my system that I have.
Q. You said you picked up last night after your match. Did it improve this morning to the extent you thought you could play don't?
TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, it improved much. If I would have had to have played yesterday, there is no way in hell I could have made it on the court. Throughout the day I started to feel a little better. I'm taking medicine for it. It's kicking in, but not strong enough for me to be competing at a high level.
Just the body is weak. You can't focus the way you want to. You know, it's not going to be good enough.
Q. Did it get worse as the match progressed?
TOMMY HAAS: It pretty much stayed the same the whole time. I just was hoping maybe once we got out on the court with all the adrenaline, wanting to win, you might forget about it and feel better. In this case, it wasn't, so unfortunately, yeah, that's the case.
Q. Last week in Vegas you had to withdraw because of your shoulder injury. This week you had to withdraw due to illness. Does it become frustrating since you're in such good form in 2006?
TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, it's frustrating that I got this virus or bacteria in my system. Obviously, I'm playing great tennis. I liked my chances tonight as well. You know, win or lose, I just like to go out there and compete hard and try my best. That's what I've been doing this year so far and it's been working great for me.
It's unfortunate this had to happen, especially in an important big tournament like this. But health is the most important thing in life. What can you do? Sometimes it's out of your hands to feel this way. You just got to look forward now and try to get fit again for the next weeks.
Q. Considering you are having such a good season, what does this do to you mentally not being able to play consistently week in and week out?
TOMMY HAAS: Well, I don't think Las Vegas to me was such a setback to be honest. I played a great week in Memphis. It was probably wise for me not to play, even though I was feeling a little bit injured. Even here, like I said, I'm playing some great tennis. The sickness, you know, obviously hopefully won't take me out too long so I don't lose any of my physical fitness. I can just be ready again for the Nasdaq, which is the next big tournament that's important.
So it's not really a big effect yet. This is not going to take me out for weeks or months. I'm not really too worried about that.
Q. What exactly was it that you ate that you think made you sick?
TOMMY HAAS: IN-N-Out Burger.

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