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January 17, 2006

Samantha Stosur


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What pleased you most about the match? What did you get from it?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Just that I was able to stay composed basically the whole time and just go out there and really play how I wanted to play, just keep trying to be aggressive and just really keep it together the whole way through.

Q. Tough to go in as such a short prize favorite first up?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah. I mean, coming into this match, I was pretty confident that I could go out there and play well. I thought if I could do that, I was in with a good shot of winning. Really that's all that I was focused on, was how I was going to play and just really with what I wanted to do, just take it one point at a time. I think I did that pretty well.

Q. Do you feel you're playing more aggressively this year than you were last year? Seem to be getting better results.

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I mean, I've always I think classed myself as an aggressive player. I guess I'm just trying to do it a little bit better now and actually be more calculated with what I'm doing out there and not being so low percentage and hitting so many unforced errors. Yeah, I think I've still got the same mentality as what I did in previous years, I'm hopefully just doing it a little bit better now.

Q. A bit smarter?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah (smiling).

Q. Is there any added pressure after Australia had a pretty dismal day yesterday? Do you feel like you had to sort of fly the flag or anything like that?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Not really. I mean, yeah, some of the Aussies had pretty tough draws yesterday and today. I knew that I probably had a little bit more expectation on me than maybe some of the other girls. But I didn't really bring that into my thoughts going out there today. As I said, I was just really thinking about what I need to do out on the court for my match and that was it.

Q. Expectations seems to sit more comfortably with you now. Is that fair enough?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, I guess I -- I've handled pressure okay in the past. Now being the No. 1 player, I guess I know that that's the case and I'm not really trying to put anything else on myself. I mean, I know it's going to be out there in the public and maybe the media, but that's something that I've got to just kind of put aside and not worry about it and just know that I've got to go out on the court and play the way that I want to play and just do that.

Q. Do you look to the next round?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Well, I know that I play Ivanovic. Yeah, that's all I know.

Q. Have you played her before?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: No. We've never played. I saw her play a little bit at Hopman Cup. I kind of know what she's about. Just looking forward to it.

Q. Are you bracing yourself for a reappearance on center court?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Well, hopefully I get to get out there, yes. That's what everyone wants to do at a Grand Slam, is play on center court. If I get that opportunity, I'll certainly enjoy it out there.

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