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January 12, 2006

Francesca Schiavone


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please

Q. Congratulations. That's the most pleasing win for a couple of seasons or..?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yes, I think that was been a great match and good win. Last week was not so great, but this week I think that I'm feeling better. I feel myself better, and I am working in practice and is important to prepare myself to play one final and to play Australian Open.

Q. What worked best for you out there? You seemed to mix your game up beautifully. You were serving well. You returned well.

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Thank you (smiling).

Q. In your opinion.

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Okay, my opinion. My opinion is that I'm improving and I'm trying to feel myself very good. This is important. My serve, I am working on my serve. Is faster. The percentage is not so high, but I will work on it. And I am moving better. So step by step is going better.

Q. How much did the day off yesterday help you? Did you need the rest, or were you feeling okay?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I think that is better to win like this (laughing), easily. No, I keep some more energize I think than the other players, but I hope the best for Kim, you know. When you are injured, we can understand, the player can understand what does it mean to be injured. So I hope that she can come back in the Australian Open. But for me, okay, lucky. Lucky for me this time. Maybe next time for another player. What can I do? I was there and I keep it. I keep it (smiling).

Q. Do you believe in yourself more and more every week, every year?


Q. It seems like.

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yes, it's true. Yeah. I believe in myself and try to enjoy and to do who I am and to show on the court who I am. That's all. I don't want to be something that I am not, so I am trying to live what's happen on the court - so with fear, with some emotion that is not easy to control. But that one for me is tennis, and I like like this.

Q. You didn't do that before?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Less. Less because I was too serious, and I keep now. I believe always myself because I work always. But maybe when you grow up, when you are 25 years old, more experience, you can understand that that one is you play tennis, is not you dead or you live. So this is very important for me, and somebody teach me this one, these things, and now I feeling myself like this.

Q. Is it a coach or...?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No, is life. I think friend, I think when you stay with the people, I think when you watch yourself in the mirror. Just little bit step by step.

Q. Big opportunity tomorrow to win your first WTA title. What would that mean to you?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Can be the time, I don't know. I don't know. I will try to do the best that I caan, but we will see tomorrow. Is not easy match, but I have to believe it and to fight, to fight a lot, and to try to find a good technique and tactic so I can show and I can win the most important moment the point very important.

Q. What is difficult against Justine?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: She is very focused every point. I think that she has this very good part of her is that she is always focused. She can see the play, you know. She know always what to do and what you are doing. So I think that she has the ball and she can see inside (demonstrating a crystal ball). No, is a champion. You are not No. 1 in the world like this (snapping).

Q. What is your best weapon against her?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: My best weapon, I think fight - I think. Because she can have some moment where she go down, and I have to take that moment. And backhand against backhand, I hope also that is another. I like her backhand, but I prefer mine (laughing). A lot of things. I will tell you tomorrow. I will enjoy for sure.

Q. Did you speak with Seppi?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Seppi, yes. Maybe this evening we go to dinner, I don't know, if we have time. Yes. He played unbelievable today. Great, great. He is young, and when I saw him the first time I believe in him. I know him from just one week. Always we say hello and hi, yeah, but never had the possibility. This week we stayed more together. I wish for him the best because he is a great guy, great person and great player.

Q. Two Italians in the finals.


Q. Yes.


Q. How big is tennis in Italy?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Is not big. Is not big. They want to always watch soccer. They love soccer. Soccer everywhere. Soccer is first and second sport is down, down, down. But they want a hero, you know, when you win like Australian Open. Not this one final, they don't care. It's like more or less like this.

Q. Not Sydney, though?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No, Sydney is important (smiling). I think that we will improve in Italy tennis. Andreas, Filippo, me, Pennetta, we are good players. So with time, and the most important thing is to win. So we will try to do our best to give to Italian people the emotion and the winning.

Q. Where do you practice usually?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I practice in London and when I go in Italy, in Verona.

Q. Why London?


End of FastScripts….

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