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August 21, 2003

Elena Dementieva



Q. You pretty much went right after her today.

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yeah, I'm glad the way I played today. After I had, you know, very difficult two matches in the beginning of the tournament, finally, you know, I have a little bit easier match today, which is good, you know. I think that Cara is a good player, but it seems like she was little bit tired today, especially when you have to play qualify. You know, I just tried to be aggressive, go for the winners. That was a good way.

Q. She said she thought you liked the way she played, just the level and pace.

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yeah, because I don't think she makes me any trouble with her game, you know. I feel very comfortable on the court, you know. She was playing little bit slow. I could just take advantage and, you know, be aggressive on the court.

Q. Did you feel like you were getting stronger? You won like 15 of the last 16 points.

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yeah, I think that my serve in the end of the match was little better. And it's like I start a little slower, but then everything's, you know, just going better.

Q. Where is your confidence level right now?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I feel very confident right now, you know, I had a very good last week - this week so far, you know. If Lindsay win today, I will have a very, you know, good match tomorrow. It's great to play against such a good player before The Open, to have this kind of experience, you know, just as yourself, how well you prepared for the Grand Slam.

Q. No matter who you play against tomorrow night, you've had fairly good success against either one of them. Does that help your confidence?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Right, I play against both, and I know how to play. I think I did very good so far, so I have nothing to lose in the next round. I will go on the court and try to play as best as I can.

Q. If you play Lindsay, as well as she returns, is your serve going to be a big key in that match?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I think, yeah, if she wins today, it's going to be all about the serve, if I can, you know, hold my serve, because she has a very good serve, and it very difficult to return. But I like to return, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.


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