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July 4, 2001

Thomas Enqvist


MODERATOR: Questions for Thomas.

Q. It seemed as if the real difference today was with the serves: he could and you couldn't.

THOMAS ENQVIST: Yeah, it was tough conditions out there today. It was very windy, swirls around out there. I had real problems with the conditions, and didn't do it as well as he did. He served extremely well, so credit for him. He handled the conditions well, me not.

Q. You got off to a bit after slow start. You seemed hesitant at the beginning.

THOMAS ENQVIST: Yeah, it was tough out there. The bounce is very high on that court. Also very windy. I didn't really find a rhythm in my serve. So I felt a little bit stiff in the beginning. I had problem with the wind and with returning his serve. It took a while until I find my rhythm a little bit in the returns. I think I played better the second half of the match.

Q. Were you nervous at first?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I was not nervous before the match. I mean, I didn't feel I have any pressure really. If I would have served and played a little bit better, I think I would have done a better match. But, of course, when you get a bad start, it was very difficult to play out there today, and I didn't really feel comfortable on the court. But credit for him. He handled the conditions really well. He was the better player.

Q. You got two really bad calls on the baseline at 4-1 down in the first set, which seemed to bother you slightly. Were you a bit perturbed by that?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No. I mean, first of all, I didn't play well in the beginning. Then also those calls, of course, it didn't help me so much. But, I mean, had nothing to do. He won that set anyway. Of course, when you don't play well, a few things goes against you, you get a little bit angry.

Q. You seemed to be bothered a lot by the sun, as well. Was it a particular problem for you this afternoon?

THOMAS ENQVIST: I was bothered by a lot of things today, I think, in the beginning. I didn't really handle the wind. That was my worst problem. I had problem with my ball toss. Tried to mix it around a little bit to find some kind of rhythm. But I think at the second half of the match, I played a little bit better. It was too bad I didn't get that third set. Maybe I could have done a better match.

Q. Do you think Pat is playing strong enough now to go on and win the title?

THOMAS ENQVIST: The match was tough conditions today. You couldn't really feel. It was a strange match. But he definitely served really well today, that i felt. Obviously, he has a great game for grass court tennis. I'm sure he can do well in the next rounds.

Q. The wind at Wimbledon, is it a particular problem for this venue compared to other places around the world? Is it the same all around the world depending on the day?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Yeah, it depends, yeah.

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