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April 27, 2002

Wayne McKewen


Q. Is it up to each team to set up their own practices and decide which coaches and practice partners they will use?

WAYNE McKEWEN: It's totally up to every Association what they do with their team. The ITF has no influence on this whatsoever. It's totally up to the nations what they want to implement.

Q. The rules pertaining to when the substitution can be made, now, the rules say that it's an hour before or at the time of the draw that the first round is set?

WAYNE McKEWEN: Yes. The nation has the opportunity to change two nominations up to one hour before the commencement of the draw.

Q. That would be for the first day?

WAYNE McKEWEN: No, that's change of nominations to the team. The captain, at the draw, will give me the names of the two singles players for the first day of play. Once the draw has been made, changes cannot be made unless there is a medical condition, an injury, or an unavoidable hindrance - an example is a death in the family or something. Then we can release the player.

Q. Then the changes for tomorrow...?

WAYNE McKEWEN: Tomorrow the teams are allowed three substitutions. For the first singles match, they can change their player up to one hour before the commencement of play. And they can also change within 15 minutes after - or 10 minutes, sorry - after the third singles match, they can change their fourth singles player. And also the doubles can be changed as well.

Q. Ten minutes before?

WAYNE McKEWEN: Yes. Or 15 minutes after the completion of the fourth singles.

Q. The fact that if Meghann Shaughnessy, for instance, plays the first match, and is going to play the doubles, her singles match first is just because she's --

WAYNE McKEWEN: She's substituting in for Jennifer Capriati.

Q. The second player.

WAYNE McKEWEN: Right. That substitution would have been allowed if Miss Capriati had been here. That option would have been open to --

Q. Is that the luck of the draw?

WAYNE McKEWEN: No. On Sunday it is the two No. 1s playing in the third singles match, followed by the two No. 2 players. It's only on the first day of play, Friday, where we draw one name and that decides which match goes first.

BRUCE LEVY: Thank you, everyone.

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