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September 1, 1994

Todd Martin


Q. How did everything feel today, physically?

TODD MARTIN: My leg felt pretty good. I am still-- I don't think I am serving and volleying as much as I probably should, because it really didn't matter. I with was hitting the ball well off the ground and actually didn't serve all that well anyways.

Q. How was your groin injury?

TODD MARTIN: That is what I just answered.

Q. Is it nice to come back after having a let-down or anything like that, after such a tough, you know, sort of exhilarating--

TODD MARTIN: That is what Tuesday was. It was a let-down. I didn't go out with the intensity that you need at the Grand Slams; especially your own nation's championship, and today I think, I have been counting my blessings since last couple of days. So today I went out with a little bit better focus and I think Tuesday sort of made me realize how much doing well at these events means to me.

Q. I know you want to win quickly, Todd, was that the upper most thing in your mind, perhaps, today?

TODD MARTIN: No, but after I won the first two sets; especially the way I finished the second, it was a priority of mine to finish the third in the same fashion. Like at Wimbledon, I had some trouble putting those types of matches away. I had a little trouble today, but I caught myself before I was too far in the hole. And also what got me in the hole, was the fact that he raised the level of his play. I was pretty pleased to straighten that along.

Q. You mentioned this being your own nation's Grand Slam. Is this more special than the other ones because of that or different or --

TODD MARTIN: It is different. For most people the Australian is the least special, probably, but considering I have done-- I did as well as I did this year, that is certainly-- it certainly went higher in my book, but the U.S. Open is where I started my pro career. It is where I have watched the most tennis probably through the years on TV, and it is one of the more exciting places to play, and all that, plus the fact that it says "U.S. Open" on it, it makes it pretty exciting.

Q. You sound like you actually feel pretty lucky to still be playing after what happened Tuesday.

TODD MARTIN: Don't you think I am? I mean, ended up seeing that matchpoint that I saved the first matchpoint, I saved the other day on TV, sharpshooter of the day, and you realize I am lunging and hitting an awkward forehand, then hitting a backhand-all-or-nothing shot, then I end up having to save two others after that. It is not something that you can expect from yourself every day of your career. I don't know if I can remember the last time I had saved a matchpoint and won a match, but those types of things you got to make the most of, and although you have to remember that you are sort of lucky to still be around, you also have to get on with your business, that is what I was pleased with today.

Q. You were one of the players that has beaten Sampras this year. There is increasing talk about beating the top tenners; maybe not Sampras; he is unreachable. Does he have that kind of aura to you? What is your take on his aura?

TODD MARTIN: When he is winning, he is win something like I did today -- he is not really giving the other guy a crack at the match. There are very few let-downs in his game and to be able to keep that same amount of intensity straight through the match, intimidates guys and when you always look on the scoreboard and you see Pete up 6-2, 6-2, 6-2, whatever, regardless of who you are playing, that is a tough way to beat somebody. And Pete does that day in and day out, very well. And I think more guys can play with him than actually think they can, but the fact that he has learned how to compete on top is why he has got that type of air about him, which is what we are all sort of longing for ourselves.

Q. Of the Grand Slams, which one do you prefer the most as a participant?

TODD MARTIN: Well, there are reasons I like each one the most. One Wimbledon is the oldest. U.S. Open is in my country, it is in one of the most exciting places to be. The Australian is where I have done the best, and the French is the prettiest and has the most-- I think, the most character of them all. It is my favorite surface, so you know, they have all got a little bit of specialness to them.

Q. Which one of them do you find the best organized?

TODD MARTIN: I plead the fifth. I think. . .

Q. Each player has his own --

TODD MARTIN: They are all getting better. I think I won't answer that question, but the food is great here.

Q. By saying that you are making a priority or you have come to realize how much it means to play well at Grand Slams, have you come -- do you feel that you can win them now?

TODD MARTIN: Well, I have always felt like I could win them. I think two years ago here when I almost beat Pete, I thought I could win the tournament and I proved to myself that I could win the tournament because if I could play like that for four more matches after that one, I would have won the tournament if I had beaten, actually gotten past Pete, but if I would have had the chance, I shouldn't say "would have," make it to the finals of the Australian, I think regardless of how you play. I think a lot of guys here can win these Grand Slams, and if it weren't a lot of guys that could, there wouldn't be a tournament.

Q. You talked about not being confident with your-- not happy with your serve and volley.

TODD MARTIN: That is just a matter of I am not feeling as quick to and from the net, around the net.

Q. Were you happy with other parts of your game?

TODD MARTIN: Yeah, I was very pleased with the way I played today. I just had a couple of mental lapses and didn't stay very long and didn't hurt me very bad. I hit my groundstrokes as well as I think I can, and also chose my spots to attack.

Q. Do you get a feel the injury is going to get worse as you go along or. . .

TODD MARTIN: Actually, I think it is going to get better. I think the fact that it came back after Tuesday's match and in the fashion that it did, yesterday it wasn't sore at all, and usually soreness is the sign of a real troublesome injury and today it wasn't painful at all. So I am pretty pleased with the way things are going. The more tennis I play, the stronger it is going to get, I think.

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