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June 25, 2001

Virginia Ruano Pascual


MODERATOR: First question for Virginia.

Q. Are you startled?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: Well, I don't know. I'm very happy today, no? Is a dream for me, no? Two weeks ago, I win the Grand Slam doubles and mixed. Next I come to the Grand Slam, I beat the No. 1 of the world. I still dream now. It's unbelievable.

Q. She said she had a bad back. Was there any indication of that to you?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: I don't know. I feel very comfortable today on the court. I play my best game. So maybe this is the big point. I don't know how she feel.

Q. Do you feel that Spanish tennis is on the up now? There are lots of young players coming through, particularly on grass. There was a time when most Spanish players didn't like playing on grass.

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: No, normally the Spanish player play on clay or hard court. We don't play on grass in Spain. We don't have courts. But sometimes when you play some tournaments on grass, maybe you can feel better and better. Maybe the Spanish players now feel much better now on grass. But I don't know. Wimbledon be on clay, would be better for us. But at this point it's on grass, so we have to play on grass.

Q. Did you feel comfortable today on grass?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: Yes, I feel very comfortable today. I beat Serena three years ago here. I know that my backhand slice is good for this surface, my forehand, too. I don't serve and volley, but I play good on the baseline, so I know that I can play here.

Q. When we think about Spain, we think about Barcelona as a tennis place. Is it unusual for you to come out of Madrid?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: I born in Madrid. I live in Valencia six years. Now I come back home. I know it's unnormal, no, to play in Madrid? Everybody live in Barcelona or move to Barcelona. The weather is better, everything is better for play tennis. I feel good in Madrid, no, with my parents, my family, everybody. I prefer to stay there.

Q. Santana was from Madrid.

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: Leon Garcia, Pato Clavet, too. We have a lot of players in Madrid.

Q. You had a lot of trouble against Martina in the last two matches. What was the difference today? How did you start off so well?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: Maybe it's the grass, no? The court is green today. Maybe is the big difference, no? I play against her in Indian Wells, and I know that I play a good match. I lost 6-2, 6-1. Here, everything is different, for me and for her. I know I have a chance. I think I get the chance.

Q. Martina said although she was injured, she may not have come and played at all had it not been you she played in the first round. She felt because it was you, she had a chance to win, even if she was injured. How does that make you feel?

VIRGINIA RUANO PASCUAL: I didn't see Martina before the match. I didn't know she was injured. I play just my game. She run on the court and she serve and she do everything. I didn't know that she was injured. Just I play. She say she injured, I'm sorry for her, but...

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