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March 24, 2001

Taylor Dent



Q. What did you learn tonight?

TAYLOR DENT: I learned I still need to work on my serve. I haven't seen the percentages yet, but I'm assuming the first-serve percentage was pretty low. I'm actually volleying well lately, but today didn't seem to be the day. Obviously, he's probably one of the best passers in the game, best returners in the game so that might have had something to do with it. Just those two things. I thought I was doing well from the baseline. I was controlling most of the points, I was getting into the net, he'd make good shots, pass me, or I'd miss a ball.

Q. (Inaudible)?

TAYLOR DENT: I was a little lost out there when he got the ball low and slow. You know, I didn't quite know because he passed it so well and he holds it so long. I didn't know where to go. I tried going deep a few times, and he just, you know, would whip it by me. Just missed a lot.

Q. Would you say that you gave good representation of yourself tonight?

TAYLOR DENT: I let my temper get a little out of hand, but, you know, I mean I can't say that's not me. I'm pretty fiery on the court, and, you know, it's not a popularity contest out there. I'm out there to win. So I guess it's a fair enough match for me, you know. I didn't like the calls. I'm going to let them know that I don't like the calls, so that's what I'd do probably again in that same situation.

Q. Is that when you cross the line, literally, on that one?

TAYLOR DENT: That was borderline. That was borderline. But, you know, I had enough by then. I didn't think Agassi needed any more help. So I had enough.

Q. Is there always a certain element of surprise when you see a 142 mile-an-hour serve come back?

TAYLOR DENT: Well, not necessarily come back, but come back at my feet. I mean, I was hitting some big serves out there and I was, you know, dealing with half volleys and low volleys. I mean, I don't mind if they come back, but I'd like to see an overhead or high ball, something I can smack. But just try to pick them up off my toes. So, you know... It wasn't my favorite thing of the night, that's for sure.

Q. Do you feel like he's the only one in the game who could probably do that?

TAYLOR DENT: So far he's been the only one. I mean, those 142s normally seem to work.

MIKI SINGH: That's also the fastest serve of the year.

Q. How comfortable do you feel like guys with Andre and Pete and just having them as mentors, going up to them and just asking them stuff, picking their brains?

TAYLOR DENT: Well, I don't really know Agassi all that well, but lately I've been hitting with Sampras a fair bit and that has been, I don't know, priceless I guess. You know, it's just invaluable, the stuff I get, I learn when I hit with him.

Q. Andre says at this level you shouldn't be satisfied to just go out there and compete; you should be going out there to win. Is that -- obviously is that how you feel?

TAYLOR DENT: Yeah, I mean if I didn't think I was going to win this match tonight, I wouldn't have shown up. If I didn't think I had a chance of winning the tournament, I wouldn't have played. I would have played a future or challenger somewhere. So I mean, I don't play tennis any way to, you know, make a good show. It's, you know, not why my temper gets out of hand or anything. I'm out there to win.

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