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March 14, 2001

Taylor Dent


MODERATOR: Questions for Taylor.

Q. Yesterday Mardy talked about his dreams in tennis. If you had one dream that would come true in the sport, what would it be?

TAYLOR DENT: My dreams of tennis are pretty high. I don't know. I'd rather not comment on that one. They're pretty high, though. They're very high. I can't reveal.

Q. Can you talk a bit about the way you played this tournament, your match today?

TAYLOR DENT: Well, I haven't been serving a whole lot because of my back. You know, I got away with it a little bit yesterday. Served good on some big points. Today I'd be interested to see what my first serve percentage was. It would be appalling, I would think. I don't know, I'm just not serving well. You know, that's easy to fix. I just haven't been serving a whole lot because of my back. And that was it. You know, I played the points, you know, the way I should have played them. I fought hard. Just my serve is the only thing really I'm disappointed about.

Q. That's such a big weapon. You must be pretty encouraged with how things went today.

TAYLOR DENT: You know, like I said before I hurt my back, I beat Norman. I've been encouraged for a little bit. You know, I just have to get my serve back to the way it was before I hurt my back. That just takes a little sweat out on the court.

Q. Pete was talking about practicing with you in Los Angeles, that he really thinks you have a big game and a future. What does it do for you to be able to be around him?

TAYLOR DENT: I couldn't really, you know, describe the actual, I don't know, experience it gives me just to practice with Sampras. He's probably the best tennis player of all time. It's tough to put into words what I learn out there while I'm playing. You know, I learn how he competes in his own way. So many things. It would take me all day to say. I mean, every time I practice with him, I feel it makes me a better tennis player by a lot.

Q. How often do you get a chance to practice with him?

TAYLOR DENT: Whenever we're back in town together. That's not that often. But when we do, we probably practice on average every other day.

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