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April 25, 1999

Dr. Patrick Couvert


DR. PATRICK COUVERT: Yesterday at the end of the match, Marcelo came to see us for a muscular problem which occurred during the match. We carried out an echogram which revealed a pulled muscle on the quadriceps muscle of the right leg. Yesterday we gave him all the necessary treatment, physiotherapy and also medication, which we thought would help him overcome the pain. We also hoped that this pulled muscle would not get worse during the match. He could feel some pain this morning during training, but we were still very hopeful. However, during the first set, the pain got worse on his service.

Q. What is the prognostication?

DR. PATRICK COUVERT: Marcelo said he was going to stay in Monte-Carlo the next two weeks to get all the necessary treatment. We have to do the tests, then we can tell you how long he will have to stop. Usually with muscular problems, you have to stop for two or three weeks, but we have to wait for the results of the test, the MRI. You must understand that Marcelo's muscular problem causes a handicap on two things: firstly, his service, he was in a great deal of pain on his service; and also the fact of coming to very quick stops. Each time he did this, the pain was getting worse.

Q. Is the problem linked to the back problem he had previously?

DR. PATRICK COUVERT: No. No. We looked at it last night. We were looking for the causes, but we didn't find any causes in the back. It's purely a muscular problem. Apparently he felt a small pain about two weeks ago. He could feel the muscle was slightly sensitive, then things got better. But then very suddenly yesterday the pain came back. It's a typical muscular problem.

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