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November 21, 1998

Irina Sprilea


Q. What happened in the second set at 5-1?


Q. What happened in the second set?


Q. With you.

IRINA SPIRLEA: Nothing. In the second set when?

Q. At 5-1.

IRINA SPIRLEA: I don't think it was 5-1.

Q. 5-1.

IRINA SPIRLEA: I completely -- I am sure it was 5-2. So, nothing, I think I was more careful, didn't take the risk, hit a few balls at that moment. I was just waiting for her mistakes and never come, so, then of course when it is 5-4 you get more tight.

Q. Was she playing really well tonight?

IRINA SPIRLEA: Think she played pretty well. She didn't do too many mistakes, and she was all over the court. Sometimes she came with some unbelievable shots.

Q. Did you feel your mind was wandering in the second set?

IRINA SPIRLEA: No, I am telling you it was not 5-1. I was sure it was 5-2.

Q. Did you feel you had a concentration let-down?

IRINA SPIRLEA: No, was just concentrating on each point. So was not so concentrated on the games.

Q. Who is going to win tomorrow?

IRINA SPIRLEA: I don't know. I am not a psychic or something --

Q. Don't care?

IRINA SPIRLEA: They both play well. I think they both had a tough year, so, playing best of five, it is whoever is going to be more fit tomorrow, I think. I don't know. I cannot say pick one because I don't know who is going to win.

Q. What was the difference in her game against other times you have played her?

IRINA SPIRLEA: I don't know, the other times I played maybe one on clay, another on court, so it is also the difference of the surface. This court was a little bit faster.

Q. People say she is hitting harder.

IRINA SPIRLEA: I think she always hit hard. It is not that she just pushing the ball. She play her normal game, I think.

Q. Do you feel like this is a missed opportunity?

IRINA SPIRLEA: No, I am still going to have some other opportunities.

Q. What do you think about your year now that it is over?

IRINA SPIRLEA: I think it was a good year; especially I end it pretty good, so I wasn't expected to end with the same as here, so -- only thing that I had a little bit too much up and downs in my year. I was not playing very consistent.

Q. Is there anything special that you think you might have to work on next year?

IRINA SPIRLEA: Oh, yeah, too many. Yeah. As long as you have to work on something I think it is good.

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