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November 12, 1997

Patrick Rafter


Q. Pat, you must have been happy with that?

PATRICK RAFTER: Oh, yeah. First eight games could have gone either way. He could have been right on top of me. And then on that game at 5-4 when he was serving, I said, "Just try to make every return, get into the point, see what happens." The whole match turned around once I got that break. Oh, yeah, to close it out, I was very, very happy.

Q. You said yesterday that you were going to attack him a lot more than Pete did. That's the way it seemed to be. If Greg is fit and well and able to slam in the big serve and come in for the volleys, do you give him a chance against him?

PATRICK RAFTER: Definitely. Give Greg a chance against everyone. With that serve and the way he's moving these days, how competitive he is. Greg can beat anyone on any given day, there's no doubt in my mind. Hopefully he can lose a bloody set for me (laughter). Make my job a lot easier anyway against Pete.

Q. Are you still pretty relaxed about the whole thing? I mean, no pressure?

PATRICK RAFTER: Yeah, I am. But I do really want to do well here. I just see it as a win-win situation. I mean, if I don't make it, then I'm on the next plane home. You know, you can see how excited I am out there, how much I do want to be out there. It's the last tournament. I've got a few goals I'd like to reach. The crowd and everything, I just want to perform and play well here. I just want to keep going. I'm on a roll, just want to keep going.

Q. What do you think about the crowd? What do you think about the audience here in Hannover?

PATRICK RAFTER: It was great. They're into making a lot of noise. They come to see a good match, they understand tennis, and they want to see a good tennis match. Maybe tonight was a little bit one-sided. But if there's a very close, tight match, you know, the crowd is going to get a lot out of it. I think that's pretty good.

Q. It seems that a lot of people like you a little bit more than the other ones. Do you notice that?

PATRICK RAFTER: I guess a little bit. You sort of more notice it in the introductions, you know. You've got to listen and see who is given the bigger cheer. But, you know, I wouldn't want to play Becker here, put it that way (laughter).

Q. What do you think of Hannover (inaudible)?

PATRICK RAFTER: Life's great in Hannover. Very happy.

Q. Pat, thinking back to the Grand Slam Cup final in Munich, and what you said afterwards after playing Pete, you almost seemed to suggest that deep down you don't really believe you can really go in there with him and beat him. Am I reading that wrong or has that changed in the last couple weeks?

PATRICK RAFTER: No. You're right, I did have that attitude. I am struggling a little bit against him lately. I know if I can improve a few things, and the time is right, I think I have a very good chance. That's the way I'm going to go out to play him. It's best of three sets, not best of five. I've just got to go out there. If I can serve the way I'm serving. I think one of the biggest things is I am struggling on his serve a little bit. I just don't quite know exactly where he's going. This is a slower court, so I might be able to get a better part of it. I would like to beat him again. It's been a while between runs.

Q. You mentioned goals here. No. 2 is still the main driving force for you this week?

PATRICK RAFTER: Yeah, uh-huh. No. 1's not possible, but No. 2 is. You know, as I said, I'm in a position to maybe get there. You know, it would be an incredible achievement for me. I'd be pretty bloody happy.

Q. Can you say just a couple of words about your Coast Care initiative? Maybe there are some other people in Australia who support that idea. How do you go about it?

PATRICK RAFTER: Well, I haven't been home for a while so I don't have any telephone numbers to give out.

Q. Anyway, you are going to proceed?

PATRICK RAFTER: I will when I get home.

Q. So you are committed?

PATRICK RAFTER: Definitely. Oh, yeah. It's something I'm very interested in. I love the beach. I'm always on the beach when I go home. It's the first place I'll be actually when I get home. I will be following up that issue.

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