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October 22, 1997

Patrick Rafter

Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle Stuttgart, Germany

Q. Are you finished with your little hiccough from last week; back on the road in progress?

PATRICK RAFTER: Yeah, well, I will take a win any which way. It is unfortunate because of the circumstances. I am sure it would have been a good match whichever way it would have gone. But, as I said, you know, you take a win however you can get it. Especially in a tournament this big and this strong.

Q. Did the three weeks off help or in retrospect?


Q. Two weeks.

PATRICK RAFTER: I felt like today was the best I have hit the ball this morning. I haven't hit the ball that well since Munich, I suppose. So, having those ten days off probably was a little bit too long going into Lyon. I was definitely a little bit rusty. But, now I had a good practice week in Lyon and here for the next few days, it is starting to come together.

Q. You had that incredible spell at the US Open, then Davis Cup which was a huge emotional thing, then the Grand Slam Cup. Has it been very difficult sort of refocusing given you have already qualified for Hannover so you haven't got that edge pushing you?

PATRICK RAFTER: Definitely. I have found it hard to sort of get motivated in a way, but I don't -- having that loss last week was probably good in a way because you think, you know - because I didn't enjoy that loss at all - and now I think I just want to win and I don't want to have those losses again. In a way, it gives you motivation to go out there and bust your butt.

Q. How did the doubles with Tim come about?

PATRICK RAFTER: Mark said he wasn't going to play during the European indoors, he was a little bit tired. I like to play doubles with friends. And, Tim is a good mate of mine and so I asked him, do you want to play? We were going to play in Paris, but they said they wouldn't give us a wildcard 'til Sunday. And, I wanted to find a good friend to play with, so we won't be playing there unfortunately.

Q. Do you feel something with the girls, are they chairing for you and tell us about the Raftermania?

PATRICK RAFTER: I don't know. I haven't played a match yet.

Q. What about outside?

PATRICK RAFTER: I don't know. We will wait and see tomorrow. Let us see if they are cheering.

Q. Do you have a girlfriend?


Q. You don't have a car and you have been on the Mercedes test track the other day. How did you get on?

PATRICK RAFTER: I didn't drive. They wouldn't let us drive unfortunately. I would have killed myself anyway if I did drive. There were some pretty awesome turns and I don't think I was ready for that sort of thing. It made me a little bit dizzy, because they are all going so quick and not having a car, I hardly never drive anyways - especially at those speeds.

Q. Fast?

PATRICK RAFTER: I will drive one or two cars before I leave.

End of FastScripts….

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