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February 5, 2005

Harrison Frazar


JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Harrison Frazar into the interview room after a 5-under par 66, 9-under for the tournament and a few shots back. You got yourself into the tournament the last couple of days, Harrison, after a disappointing opening round, but it was also tough conditions that day. Just comment on how your game is right now and on today's round.

HARRISON FRAZAR: My game right now is a lot better than I expected it to be. I was not ready to play the first couple weeks of the year and worked really hard those couple weeks to try to get ready, but then last week started feeling like I was tired.

So I spent a lot of time Monday and Wednesday here just resting and trying to get up some strength. Then the day started on Thursday, it was blowing, and I had a couple of loose shots early. I can't remember what happened, but I was going along okay and managed to kind of get out of it, made a few putts, and then I double-crossed one left, had to take an unplayable on 9 and made double.

Then another bogey somewhere, then that kind of took the air out of my sails so to speak.

But we had to come back in on 13 because we ran out of sunlight. So that kind of gave me a chance to regroup and try to figure out where I was. I was 3 over at that time. So I kind of got rebalanced and figured out what I needed to do.

Q. Nice start to your round today with an eagle on No. 3. Take us through that and then a nice finishing stretch with three birdies on the last six holes.

HARRISON FRAZAR: 3, I hit driver in the left bunker and the ball kind of went up on the far left lip and bounced down and semi-plugged, and I was able to hit an 8-iron about 120 yards out of there, maybe 130. I think I had about 105 yards or something to that front right pin over the bunker. I hit a lob wedge and just trying to fly it a couple steps back the hole, come back off that bank, and just landed perfect and landed a few steps behind on the hill and came back I guess about eight feet. They said it rolled right in the center like a putt. It would have been close had it not gone in.

Q. How many yards was that?

HARRISON FRAZAR: About 105, maybe 104.

Q. Birdie on 13, par 5?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Yeah, birdie on 13. I drove it in the first cut on the left side of the fairway, and from there hit a 3-wood onto the green and rolled that -- I had about a 60-footer, I guess, and I rolled that about 10, 12 feet by the hole and made that one coming back.

15, I hit probably the best drive of the day for me, right down the middle of the fairway, and I had 204, 205 yards to the front, maybe 210, 215, something like that, to the flag, and I hit a 4-iron about eight to ten feet. I hit a real good putt there and it just dove off, so that was a pretty easy birdie.

Then 17, drove it right onto the center of the green pin high, about 30, 40 feet, and two-putted from there.

Q. Did you have the lead here one year going into the last round?

HARRISON FRAZAR: I can't remember if I've had the lead going into Sunday once or twice here. I know it was at least once, the year Vijay won, two years ago. He shot 29 on the front.

Then a couple years ago when Tiger was in the last group Sunday with Tiger and Rocco, but I can't remember --

Q. 99?

HARRISON FRAZAR: 99, the year the guy with the gun on 17 or 16 or whatever. I can't remember where I started that day.

Q. You were in the last group, weren't you?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Yeah, I was in the last group. But I can't remember where I was. I think I was right there somewhere. I think Rocco -- I can't remember. I'm not even going to try.

Q. You've had two good chances here, right, 99 and 2003?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Right, yeah. I mean, it's a venue that I'm comfortable with, and if you're getting the ball in the fairway off the tee, you can play this golf course.

If you're struggling, it's going to be a tough week. It seems like I've either been really good or really bad here, and it just directly goes with how I'm driving the ball.

Q. You said you didn't feel well, you felt tired. Were you feeling bad?

HARRISON FRAZAR: No, I was feeling fine, I was just -- typically the way I like to do things is I work early in the week or a little bit at home before I go play at the end of the week. Then early in that week, and once the tournament starts, I don't do anything other than just play the rounds.

Like I said, I wasn't ready to play the first two weeks, so I spent a lot of time trying to get ready. A lot of time practicing.

I think I just wore myself down. I started noticing about halfway through last week at the Hope when my scores were -- I'd shoot 6- or 7-under one day, then the next day 2-over, then 6- or 7-under and then even, then 5- or 6-under, something like that. It was just real lopsided, which means I wasn't all there mentally, but the physical tools were there.

Yeah, so this week I took all day Monday off, didn't touch a club, Tuesday just played a practice round and then left, Wednesday practiced for about two hours and then was done, spent the rest of the day with my kids.

I just tried to get out of my own way so that I could try to have a chance to play.

Q. Nobody has gone real low out there today. Does that surprise you?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Yeah, I haven't looked at the scores.

Q. Phil is low at 12.

HARRISON FRAZAR: What did they start at, 9?

Q. 9, yeah.

HARRISON FRAZAR: Yeah, that surprises me a little. I thought someone would get to -- I thought they might be at 13 or 14 by the end of the day.

Yeah, it wasn't playing that tough. You know, the par 5s were reachable, the pin placements were there, but for the most part they were pretty benign.

I think Calc played good, didn't he?

Q. 65.

HARRISON FRAZAR: Is that the low for the day?

Q. I think it is, yeah.

HARRISON FRAZAR: So we'll just see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Were the crowds normal today or abnormal?

HARRISON FRAZAR: The crowds were great. Every week on Tour would benefit from seeing the zeal that this place shows.

You know, the Thunderbirds want us here, they're throwing parties. The people want us here. They're having a great time. They were great. On 16 they're very respectful. They know to be quiet when everybody is going to hit, but after we hit they're having a great time. There's nothing in the world wrong with that.

JOHN BUSH: Harrison, great playing. Thanks for coming by.

End of FastScripts.

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