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February 3, 2005

Hunter Mahan


Q. Nice round out there today.

HUNTER MAHAN: Absolutely, especially in the afternoon where the greens were a little softer. That helped out a lot.

Q. Talk about the wind. Everyone is commenting on the conditions.

HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, it's tough. It's going pretty hard, pretty constant.

I think the afternoon guys got a little better break. The greens were a little softer and they were able to water them, so we were definitely lucky.

Q. What was the tale of two rounds with the morning group and the afternoon? Are you seeing better scores coming in the afternoon?

HUNTER MAHAN: Probably, yeah. I guess in the morning they were hard as rocks and guys were five-putting, so yeah, we definitely got the better end of that deal.

Q. Did you learn anything from playing in these conditions, if they come again tomorrow, that might help, maybe help everybody go lower tomorrow?

HUNTER MAHAN: Maybe. You don't know. The greens are probably still going to be firm and the pin positions are still going to be tough, so I don't think the scores are going to get really any lower if the conditions stay the same.

Q. And what if the wind does die down and things get a little bit softer out there? How low can people go?

HUNTER MAHAN: Pretty low. This is a golf course where you can make a lot of birdies, but the rough is thick. Scores will definitely get better, but probably not as low as they used to be.

Q. Any part of the round get you going or was it just kind of plodding along trying to keep it in play?

HUNTER MAHAN: A good start, birdied three in a row of the first five holes, so that was nice. You definitely get ahead on this golf course, you're doing pretty good.

Q. You're going to see that morning tee time tomorrow.

HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I'm looking forward to that. It should be good.

End of FastScripts.

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