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February 26, 2005

Robert Allenby


Q. You played well this week. Talk about your day today.

ROBERT ALLENBY: Today was disappointing it's disappointing when you lose. I did quite well the first nine holes. I pretty much gave Retief three holes on the front nine, and when you do that, you just realize you're putting yourself behind the black ball, especially against a player like him.

He doesn't make any mistakes. He didn't make any mistakes all day. I had to make birdies just to halve with him. I played well, from No. 9 all the way through to 15. I played pretty good, tried to put some pressure on him.

Q. He's won two U.S. Opens, so does this favor his style? Or he makes a lot of pars and the occasional birdie and all of a sudden you look and you're 2 down or 3 down?

ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, the thing is he doesn't miss a fairway. He drives it very long and very straight. In match play that's what you've got to do. If you keep hitting the fairway on every single hole, you're always going to put the pressure on your opponent. And that's what I did the last couple of days.

I did exactly what he did today to me. He kept the pressure on and I was on the opposite side today. When the pressure was on, you've got to force it. But I think if I had made the putt on 13 I might have had half a chance, but it just lipped out. I'm not disappointed that I lost, especially to him. I think he's I think he'll probably end up winning it by the end of the week. But my game is coming good, so it's good.

Q. What events are you playing? It's got to help your confidence in the Florida Swing.

ROBERT ALLENBY: Doral and Honda. I'll take Bay Hill off, and then TPC and BellSouth, Augusta. I'm looking forward to next week. I'm hitting the ball good. I've just got to keep doing it.

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