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May 5, 2005

Catrin Nilsmark


LAURA NEAL: Great round. You finished a little late. Let's go over your scorecard first. No. 1.

CATRIN NILSMARK: Now I have to remember how far.

Q. The club you hit and how far the club went.

CATRIN NILSMARK: It's been a while since I did this. Club I hit, I have no idea. No idea. But, probably 20 footer.

Q. Birdie on 7, the par 5.

CATRIN NILSMARK: This is embarrassing.

Q. It has happened before .

CATRIN NILSMARK: I just focus so hard. I am just all wait a minute here. All right. That was I hit a 3 wood over the green, chipped it back up and made a putt from five feet.

Q. Number 9, birdie.

CATRIN NILSMARK: 9 was an I forget the club, but the putt was from 12 feet.

Q. Birdied 11.

CATRIN NILSMARK: From about nine feet.

Q. And one bogey on 13, par 3.

CATRIN NILSMARK: Missed my 9 iron short of the green. Pretty much the only shot I didn't hit solid today. Hit a good chip up to 5 feet and misread the putt.

Q. You birdied 15, the par 5.

CATRIN NILSMARK: Yeah, I hit a lob wedge, my third shot to pretty far. Probably 25 footer and I made the putt.

Q. You said it's been a while since you have been in, was this round something you felt was coming?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Not really. Maybe yesterday and today I hit the ball really well. I have been just been back to Sweden for 4 weeks. I am rusty around the greens, on the greens. I took a new putter this week, looked at it after the one on No. 1, it didn't feel wonderful. The putter after I looked, it had lines and the grip was all crooked. This is going to be a nightmare. I will lose confidence in the putter.

I managed to hang in there. I might switch it tomorrow definitely.

Q. When you say the lines are crooked, the grip got off line?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Exactly. You watch the grip in regards to it is a mallet. I always aim with the lines going that way. The grip is crooked, maybe as bit of a difference.

Q. How do you think it got that way?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Well, I don't know. Sometimes they just put on the grip wrong and then not too careful to line them up. I just picked it up yesterday so I hadn't noticed. So now I will have to bring the old putter and this putter to the room and have a contest with myself tonight.

Q. Did you use it to the practice green?


Q. Did you notice it then or didn't notice it?

CATRIN NILSMARK: No, didn't really.

Q. Solheim Cup, are you starting to think about that a bit?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Definitely, yes. Try to keep up with the rankings.

Q. The team is looking a little bit different; is it not?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Yeah, but I feel like they haven't started in Europe yet. Double points this year, even double and the half some tournaments. It is hard to it really hasn't gone on the way yet, I feel. But they are starting soon.

Q. That is a heck of a rain outfit you have got there. I could pick you out from the veranda here to the 18th tee?

CATRIN NILSMARK: That is the point, to be seen. To be different at all costs, right Laura?

LAURA NEAL: That is right.

Anything else.

Q. Annika comes in with a 76


Q. Yeah. Which you obviously didn't know until now.

CATRIN NILSMARK: She is human, thank God.

Q. Thank God, yeah. Nine strokes with three rounds to go, the way she has been playing is that an insurmountable lead for her?

CATRIN NILSMARK: It would be more like 29 or 39 to be safe, I think.

Q. What do you think when you are in the last group of the day? It is not the premium tee time.


Q. Have you just told yourself whenever you get that, just make the best of it?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Yeah. I mean, you don't I don't think of it that way really. You are in B times. To be in B times sucks all together because you know you are not doing great. If you are 1:58 or 2:01 or 1:45, it just doesn't matter at all.

Q. Winning this might get you an early time, huh?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Might get me to the Solheim Cup. The team might have problems if I win this.

Q. Would you think about that or are you just joking?

CATRIN NILSMARK: Yeah. I would like to play, but I am absolutely committed to being the captain, so no.

LAURA NEAL : Thank you for stopping by. See you tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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