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May 21, 2005

Oliver Wilson

Carton House GC, Third Round

GORDON SIMPSON: Fantastic play today especially on the back nine to get to 7 under par. As I was saying to you, it's not often you have two eagles on par 4s, start off by telling us about these two incredible holes.

OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I was just kind of plodding my way around and the bad weather came in, and I thought I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing. And hit it in the middle of 11 fairway and holed it with my 9 iron from about 139. I hit a really good shot actually, so I was pleased that went in.

The next one I just made bogey, 3 putted out of nowhere really, kind of strange. And hit a great drive on the next and rolled up to about four feet, lucky, and tapped that in and took advantage of that.

From there it was things took over really. Made a good putt up the slope, about 25 feet and it rolled off front of the green and just made it from there. The next I hit two good shots into the green side bunker on the par 5 and made a good up and down out of the bunker.

And then just sort of, you know, plodding away on 16, made a bad bogey on 17, and was disappointed with that. So it's good to finish with a birdie.

GORDON SIMPSON: You knocked it on in two?

OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I had a long putt and misread it, and made a good putt from the last one.

GORDON SIMPSON: Your thoughts about tomorrow; now that you're in strong position, maybe not pole, but we'll see in a few hour's time.

OLIVER WILSON: If I can go out and play well again, you never know what happens. I don't know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. Mostly depends on that. We'll just have to see.

Q. Have you had any stretches like this before?

OLIVER WILSON: I've had a few good stretches of holes this year, but I've not really put them all together at the right time. So I've been getting going, you know, in maybe six to nine holes, but not made it into 18 holes. So it was good today to sort of play a good solid round and get it going on the back nine to finish with a good score.

Q. Is this you best round as a professional?

OLIVER WILSON: Not sure, actually, 65 maybe. I think 65.

GORDON SIMPSON: But 66 on a course like this

OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, 66 around here at the beginning of the week, I'd be happy any day around here. Probably my best as a professional, definitely.

Q. Did you think 66 was possible on this course?

OLIVER WILSON: No. We played it in the practice round, I think the wind was a little different and it made it play a lot harder. I think maybe if we get in the right wind for the course, and it's by no means is it playing easy, but I think it's playing I think the way Colin designed to play makes you shape it around the bunkers which is what you need. It's a great course.

Q. Inaudible

OLIVER WILSON: I've had a really strange week. Yesterday I was doing the same, plodding away and the back nine, I don't know, I just sort of lost my head. I made a few birdies, a few bogeys, just really strange thing, could not sort of quite explain them.

Today again, the same thing. I was playing steady and holed it out of absolutely nowhere and wasn't doing anything special. Wasn't just hitting it close and it's all on the greens, and just that little stretch it gets you into a different gear and just press on and managed to do it quite well today, and that was good.

Q. Inaudible

OLIVER WILSON: I mean, it's tough, I've got a little more at stake than some players out there. They have been there plenty of times and won a lot. I'm trying to get to that stage, so you've just got to try and press on. But at the same time, you try not to mess up and make stupid mistakes; so you're kind of in two minds, but I've been in position a couple of times now this year to do well.

So I'm getting there, getting more comfortable with the situation, and I hit some great tee shots on the back nine after I sort of made the eagles and made them easier by hitting great drivers. That was a step forward and gave me a bit of confidence.

Q. Have you seen Paul McGinley yet?

OLIVER WILSON: I haven't seen him yet this week, no. Last week was good, I didn't play great the last day, but I finished really well on the last holes.

Q. Have you got the Jaguar yet?

OLIVER WILSON: I'm going to try and sort it out this next week.

Q. What car do you drive?

OLIVER WILSON: Well, it's my mum's actually. It's an Alfa Romeo.

Q. How far was the drive on 13?

OLIVER WILSON: I don't know what the yardage was. It was just tee to the green, pin was on the front and I hit it about four feet just short of the flag.

Q. Do you know a lot of the players?

OLIVER WILSON: Getting to know more. There's a few guys that came up this year from Q School that I know and a few guys that I knew beforehand but not loads, but it's been good.

When I was doing well in New Zealand, loads of guys came up to me and wished me the best which meant a lot. I've had good draws this year. Played a lot with a lot of nice guys and played with a lot of good players, especially these last few weeks. Winning the card helps. People see you a bit more and introduce themselves and what have you. It makes you feel a lot more comfortable out here.

Q. Do you still have a home in Augusta?

OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, don't get back there much, but in the winters, yeah.

GORDON SIMPSON: Was that your college town?


Q. Did you graduate from there?

OLIVER WILSON: Nearly. (Laughter) I went out in January. So I missed half a year and it meant staying on for another half a year without playing golf, so I decided not to do that.

Q. How is this pressure compared to the Walker Cup?

OLIVER WILSON: Forgot now, it's a long time ago. I guess similar, when you're at that stage, it's the biggest thing you've ever played in. When you come out here, this is the biggest thing I've ever played in. So personally wise, I would say it's very similar. All of the pressure comes from yourself. It's not too much different. You've just got to deal with it better which I'm starting to do a lot more.

Q. Inaudible

OLIVER WILSON: I wasn't swinging it very good, so that kind of made it hard coming down the stretches. Now I've got my swing in better positions and I can play under the pressure a lot more. So I'm dealing with it a lot better and it's becoming easier.

Q. What about the Red Bull prize?

OLIVER WILSON: I will certainly have a lot of new friends. I don't know. that would be great, that would. Two prizes like that in two weeks would be fantastic. Flying around to some of the courses in Europe like that would be nice. It would be a tough choice between the Jag and the plane.

Q. What type of Alfa is it?

OLIVER WILSON: 2.7 F Type diesel.

GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you and good luck tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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