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May 29, 2005

Dana Quigley


JULIUS MASON: Dana Quigley, folks: Dana, you got it recap the day for us, today, please and we'll go through the card and Q&A.

DANA QUIGLEY: It was, I think, a great day for a score board watcher like myself. It was up and down and Pate and I looked like we had it locked up to ourselves, and then Mike Reid obviously eagled the last hole to win the golf tournament. In sudden death after.

But it was really a good day. It's a hard golf course to protect a lead. It's a hard golf course to catch up. Because there's not really a lot of birdie holes. And I was I played pretty well. I'm pretty happy with the way I played. I feel like I got a real bad break on 18 hitting it in that pot bunker when on my second shot in regulation. Just a normal lie in there and it's almost an automatic birdie. And I really had no play at all. And I was really lucky to make par there. To be honest with you.

So it's a little deflating, to get there and then not win it, but it's been a great week. I've had a I'm very proud of the way I played and the way I controlled my emotions and, you know, I'll be talking to Rotella tonight and find out what you do when you're thinking about what do you say when you win? So it was a good it was a great tournament. I loved it and wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm just real happy, I'm not happy I didn't win, but Mike Reid won. That's the way it is.

JULIUS MASON: Quickly go through the card.

DANA QUIGLEY: Sure, you're going to have to help me on this one.

JULIUS MASON: Birdied No. 1.

DANA QUIGLEY: Is this now the fourth round?


DANA QUIGLEY: Because we really should talk about the third round. Because I came out with six holes to play this morning and made three birdies. I got it up and down three other times. I mean, it was a really, really good, to get me that lead. So that was pretty much, you know, I really kind of set the tone. I felt like I played like that all day to be honest with you. And then we had the half hour stop and then we started again.

And I hit a real good, great drive on 1 with a sand wedge in there about six feet and made it. We were off and running. And I really felt good about the game.

Bogey on 4. I just drove it under the trees and had to chip it out. Actually made about a 10 footer for my bogey putt. Which was a pretty good save.

Then I hit it on the 6th green in two, which someone told me I could have reached that green flown it on there in two I would have called them crazy. With all the practice round and everything. I hit probably my shall I got the most out of both clubs on driver 3 wood on that hole. I got it on the green and made a great eagle. Made about a 25, 30 footer running at it and the hole swallowed it up. It was a great feeling.

7, 3 putt there. 7's a really tough green and a lot of slope front to back. And I just didn't I didn't hit it hard enough to keep it on line and it broke out of the hole.

10, I hit a great I had 170 something to the hole, but the wind was kind of swirling in front of you and you hit a great 7 iron in there about probably about 12 feet and made it.

11, real bad break on 11. Hit a great drive down the right side. 11's kind of a funky fairway. It's hard to get the ball in play there. And they had the rough just off the first cut they had it about almost felt like a foot deep. And I hit a great drive, landed in the fairway, just kicked up on the right and it's supposed to roll back there. And it got caught up in this high grass and I had to hit a wedge out of it. I hit a wood for my third shot. I was under the trees on the right and hit it over the green the next shot and got it up and down for six. So it was a decent six, to be honest with you.

Next hole I 3 putted again. Hit a nice drive there. Hit 7 iron to the middle of the green and ran the first putt about eight, 10 feet by. And I and I had a 360 coming back. The putt caught most of the hole and it didn't go in.

15, great drive I hit it right in the middle. I had 167 to the hole, hit 7 iron that they said almost went in to about two feet behind it.

17, unfortunately bogeyed the pin was way right, the wind was blowing right to left. I started a 5 iron at the right edge and it almost looked like it faded a little bit, the wind didn't straighten it out. And I blasted out, I was in the trap, I blasted out about four, five feet by and hit most of the hole with the putt and it lipped out.

Then 18 I really got, I thought, a really bad break. I hit two absolutely fabulous golf shots, should have been the right distance for my rescue and it flew in the back bunker. That's kind of probably what happened to my rescue in the playoff. I had exactly the same yardage, I drove it to exactly the same spot, and took the rescue again and knowing that I had flew it in the back bunker, I probably didn't hit it hard enough and it went in the water. But that too was a pretty decent golf shot. It was going right at it again.

JULIUS MASON: Questions?

Q. I want to talk about that playoff hole. I was out on 18 and I was wondering if you knew we could feel a wind gust, it was a strong gust. I think you hit a great shot and I believe the way you only missed it by like a couple feet I think the wind affected your shot. I thought you had a great shot. Could you feel the wind?

DANA QUIGLEY: I think that you are right about that. All day the wind was very unsettling. We really didn't know really which way it was I had to keep asking my caddy. He must have thought I was a broken record. Which way is the wind, because you really couldn't tell. Someone said that to me after that the wind came up crazy strong into us there. When it left my hands I thought it was a good shot. I didn't want to hit my whole consideration was not hitting it too far and getting in that bunker again. Because I knew I would be going at the pin. I don't know, something knocked it down. I guess it wasn't my tournament.

Q. Would you talk about the great up and down you made coming in where you flew it over the green, talk about that shot and talk about that chip, that looked like it might have been a tournament saver for are you?


Q. 16.

DANA QUIGLEY: Oh, that was crazy. I hit it the pin was right there. I tried to cut a little 5 iron in there to I wasn't being overly aggressive, the ball just kind of squirted to the right and it caught the side of the hill. And it went down there about 15 yards down the side of the slope where all the gallery had been standing. And it was just pure mush over there. I think if I had a 100 golf shots I would never get one as close as I did there. I was really I thought at the moment I had a two shot lead. And I really was trying not to leave it on the side of the bank and make six on the hole. I was going to I was willing to accept five, I was going to take a shot to make a par and it is way better shot than ever should have resulted from that. That's probably my all world par for my life. Certainly under the circumstances. But I just figured I got to take a shot at it. You don't get a chance to win a PGA very often and I just felt like I had to tray to make that shot. It just came out perfect.

Q. What was your yardage in on 18? You said you had the same yardage in the playoff?

DANA QUIGLEY: 204 and 6, 210.

Q. Did that come in a little flatter in the playoff that shot?

DANA QUIGLEY: I was trying not to hit it as hard because of what I did in the regulation. Regulation we thought the wind was coming back a little bit, I hit adjust a nice, for me, a high cut rescue. And it didn't, the wind actually carried it into the bunker. And this time I didn't want to be too aggressive and hit it there again because you're, as I found out, you're absolutely dead back there. And Peter had it in regulation, Peter had it over that trap, I mean, he chipped that one right in the water. It's a really, really good short par 5. They got it all there for you. I mean you guys saw it all today. I mean everything happened there today I'm sure.

Q. Were you surprised Jerry laid up?

DANA QUIGLEY: Yeah, I was actually I was being interviewed by Jimmy Roberts at the time and when I saw him pull out iron, I said to Jimmy Robert I said, the worst, the worst thing he could do he's bringing us all, he's bringing us he's bringing me because, at that time Mike Reid was 6 under, I said, he's bringing me back in this game with hitting a layup. Best thing he can do is just hit it back there over the green and make your five and go. Especially with a lead. Joe Inman I guess hit five balls in the water there sucking them back off the green. A hundred yard wedge shot is no bargain on that green. As soft as it is. They got the front of the green skinned down just like the greens, actually. And he really gave us a shot, he really pulled us back in the game, I think.

Q. You talked about one of the reasons for your longevity and success you don't beat yourself up.


Q. After coming this close, how hard is that?

DANA QUIGLEY: I can't wait.

Q. And after everything that's happened to you, is this like another just bump in the road?

DANA QUIGLEY: I'm playing with I'm playing an outing here and I can't wait to play that 18th hole again, that son of a gun. It owes me. I'll probably make three tomorrow in the outing. But I really don't beat myself up, I'm very proud of the way I played. All my fans and all my friends that have my phone number will call me and ask me what the hell happened, but you know what? I did the best I can. What more can you do in your life other than try? I mean, sometimes you get the elevator and sometimes you get the shaft.

Q. That rescue club you're talking about, what is the loft on it? What's the equivalent of it?

DANA QUIGLEY: Mine is 22. It's supposed to be it's the loft of a 4 iron. But because I hit it so low I use it as my 3 iron. I can get 205, 210 out of it, day in and day out.

Q. You mentioned Rotella and you're going to talk to him. What will that conversation be like?

DANA QUIGLEY: That's a good question. He's going to say, kid, you look like you're having a great time. All he cares about is that I look like I'm having fun with it. Every time I talk to him he says, just go out and have fun and play golf. And that's what I did. I thought today was an absolute riot to be in the action in the PGA, what more can you ask for? I mean, when they started me, when I started play on Friday or Thursday here this week, if they told me I was going to come right down to the home stretch with a chance to win the golf tournament, man, I would have sold my car for that.

JULIUS MASON: Thank you very much, Dana.

DANA QUIGLEY: All right, boys.

End of FastScripts.

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