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May 24, 2005

Perry Arthur

Bob Cameron

Allen Doyle

Bill Schumaker


Q. Have you played around yet today?

BOB CAMERON: I've been hitting balls for the last hour or so. Went to the TaylorMade tent and got a new driver.

Q. Feeling pretty good with that?

BOB CAMERON: Yeah. I hit about 50 balls. It's got a new shaft. So that's new to me. It looks like it could be a good addition to the bag this week.

Q. What impresses you about the course so far that you've seen?

BOB CAMERON: Well, coming from England it has sort of an English feel. With the tree lining and the bunkering. And like any Major tournament I guess it's going to be a case of getting the ball in the fairway, hitting the ball in the short stuff and just hitting the fairways and greens and getting around any way you can.

It looks like the weather is going to be closing in.

Q. Do you feel like the weather is going to be a factor in the tournament at least?

BOB CAMERON: I think that it's a case in point, maybe it sort of favors the longer hitters. Because last year I played in Kentucky and we had a five day, four day tournament and we had the same problem with the rain. So, yeah, it could well be that way.


ALLEN DOYLE: We want to get a feel for how the course plays, the lengths of holes and how things flow downhill and uphill and the speed of the greens.

Q. Do you feel the course is in pretty good shape?

ALLEN DOYLE: Yeah, it's in great shape. Absolutely perfect.

Q. How do you feel the weather is going to play a factor in the tournament?

ALLEN DOYLE: We hope it doesn't. But if it does, you're going to just roll with the punches and whatever happens, happens. You try to make the best of it.

FastScripts by ASAP Sports.....


Q. I know this is your first PGA Championship.

PERRY ARTHUR: First PGA Senior, yes.

Q. Do you feel that your experience playing in like any other tournaments will help you this weekend?

PERRY ARTHUR: Yeah. Luckily, I've spent a number of years playing the TOUR before. So I've seen a lot of these guys, played with a bunch of them. So I'm not totally in awe of them, but they can play.

Q. Do you think you have a chance at all as far as competing?

PERRY ARTHUR: Well, yeah, you got to come into this thinking that you got a chance to win and the main goal is to win, so that's what I'm here for.

Q. Have you played this course before?

PERRY ARTHUR: Just finished.

Q. I mean, this is your first time?


Q. What are your thoughts on it?

PERRY ARTHUR: Good golf course. I like it. Use a lot of different clubs in your bag and see who can really play.

Q. Try to keep the greens short and they're letting the rough grow up a little bit, it's going to be a little challenging?

PERRY ARTHUR: Yeah, make some putts.

Q. Do you feel the weather is going to play a factor?

PERRY ARTHUR: It could. Any time you get a little rain and wind and different elements blowing in there. It just depends on who can handle those the best and who can kind of fight through them.


Q. How do you feel being a part of this tournament and not actually being on the TOUR will help you, not only in your career, but other aspects?

PERRY ARTHUR: Well, this is actually my sixth time playing in this. So I'm a little familiar with it. But it's a great opportunity for the club pro to get out here and play with a lot of the guys from the Champions Tour. And I knew a lot of them in my younger days, so it's kind of like an old home week. But this would be an event I look forward to all year.

Q. How do you think you'll fare this year and how is the course looking?

PERRY ARTHUR: The course is very good. It's in excellent shape and who knows. It's just I'm not going to win, but if I make the cut, I would be happy.

And again, it's a little long for me, but, boy, it's a fabulous place.

End of FastScripts.

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