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June 16, 2005

Olin Browne


OLIN BROWN: Hello Pinehurst. Hello everybody.

Q. How was the game?

OLIN BROWN: I drove it pretty well. I think I missed three fairways, but I drew a nice line on one of them and advanced it to the green. I think I hit a fair number of greens, and when I didn't hit it I missed it in the right place. It was a management day. I hit the ball solidly, I was pleased. And I stroked the my putter really good.

Q. (Inaudible).

OLIN BROWN: The greens are in wonderful condition. There are some extremely challenging hole locations. I think this golf course epitomizes what the USGA wants in their championship, which is a golf course that challenges every aspect of the player's game, and including the mental component. So it's a great venue?

Q. (Inaudible.)

OLIN BROWN: I was actually hitting balls on the range and I hit 40 balls. I've been struggling with my game since the qualifier last week. I got a little loose with it, and I was uncomfortable, but yesterday it fell into place. It felt good. I spent time on my chipping and putting, I didn't know I was going to hit as many solidly as I did. And it was a fun day to play.

Q. (Inaudible.)

OLIN BROWN: Well, I actually asked the guys at the scoring tent how to withdraw. These guys get upset if you don't handle yourself properly, I wanted to do it in the right fashion. And they said "you tell us, and we'll inform the officials." I decided to give it another nine holes. I felt like I was playing well. I'm glad I did. I thought about it, but it was more like a "I can't quit" type of thing.

Q. How did you do on the first nine?

OLIN BROWN: I missed the cut, I can't remember. I was 2 under, and I got on the bogey train, and that was about that.

Q. On the front 9?

OLIN BROWN: Shot 30 on the front 9 and decided I had to keep going. Sorry, I didn't get the question.

Q. Was this a lesson in perseverance?

OLIN BROWN: That's kind of cliche, what it is is what I do. The only reason I wasn't going to withdraw because I was ticked off about playing poorly, I was going to withdraw because it was hot that day, I was playing at Congressional, that's a hard golf course, as you know. The qualifier was going to end up taking a lot out of me physically, and I felt like I would be better off preserving what I had left for the golf tournament. But like I said, I figured I'd play another 9 and see how it went. If I shot par on that 9 but I didn't, so I kept going.

Q. You said you shot 59 and you lost it, and you put together a good round here?

OLIN BROWN: I put the ball together well today. I'm not going to waste time hitting balls and doing stuff here today. I'm going to chip and putt the guys in the afternoon, I see the wind is picking up a fraction, and the pins are on the high spots, there aren't any low spots on the green. If you're on the low spot you're in a collection area, so it's going to be about chipping and putting so I'm going to work on that.

Q. Birdies and bogeys?

OLIN BROWN: Birdied No. 2, left it short. Birdied No. 4, hit it in the first cut off the tee, and I was debating with my caddie, Teddy Scott, what should I do there. We thought if I could get a real heater, I might run it up in front of the green. It came out to a perfect layup number and hit a wedge and made birdie.

I birdied 9. I hit a 6 iron in there about 2 feet.

Made a bogey somewhere else. Bogeyed 6, yeah. The par 3s on this golf course are brutal. They're long and they're very demanding. I hit a pretty good shot that caught the slope and came back down. The pin was in a position where I didn't feel I could take an aggressive line and be aggressive with my chip. I made a reasonable shot, and gave myself a 12 footer. I ended up making a bogey. But that's not the end of the world in this event.

Q. (Inaudible.)

OLIN BROWN: I hit a good tee shot off the tee, I hit a good iron shot, and had a makeable putt, so I started to make that. I got nice applause from the fans off the tee and on the green. It was fun to be here.

To finish the back 9, I birdied 13, 14 and 16. And just off the green on 13. I made 2 of my best swings on 14, 8 iron into the pin, played a conservative shot. That is going to be one of the most difficult holes today. I made about a 20 footer, had a nice break to it.

16, I flew it on the green from the rough, and had a 15 footer.

Pretty commercial round. I kept my composure, and thought myself around the golf course. I didn't go at all the flags. Several occasions I hit away from the pins. So it was a well played day for me.

End of FastScripts.

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