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July 24, 2005

Tom Watson


Q. Tom, that must mean a lot to you to hold this nice little claret jug again?

TOM WATSON: Very much so. Today it was somewhat of a struggle, the rhythm wasn't quite there like yesterday. But it was there it looked like we were going to play 18 about nine or ten times, it looked like. But we ended up on 17. Des made an error there and fortunately I got the cup in my hands.

Q. So you'll come back and see us again, will you?

TOM WATSON: Well, this is a beautiful golf course right here. We played it under very severe conditions the first two rounds and we got to know it the last couple rounds. And it's all you want for a links golf course. And I'm very happy to have won here.

Q. Well, I'm sure if it's back here you'll be favorite again. But what do you think for the future of the British Open?

TOM WATSON: Well, the British Open, I'll be playing. I'll be playing in the you're talking about the kids?

Q. No, the main ones.

TOM WATSON: The kids? Yeah, I'll be playing with the kids for awhile. Certainly I'll be defending my title next year.

Q. You'll have to do the double again?

TOM WATSON: Well, I hope so. Those are my plans.

Q. I'm with a very happy champion. Tom, I think you won this championship yesterday and you persevered today.

TOM WATSON: Well, I played very well yesterday. Today it was a struggle. It was hard. We played a little bit slower out there today. The rhythm wasn't quite there. I made some errors today.

I made a double bogey at 4. Missed a short birdie putt at 15. I had two good opportunities at 17 and 18 to win it out right and then Des and I, it looked like we were going to play nine extra homes if we kept on playing 18.

Fortunately for me he made an error here and unfortunately for him. And I ended up winning.

Q. Just give me a little comment about this. I'm out there among the people all day long and Des Smyth is from Ireland, and all these people from Aberdeen just keep rooting for Tom Watson.

TOM WATSON: You mean Tom (Phonetic)? It's a special place. We had an opportunity to see the city here on Monday and the people really came out in force here. We had great crowds here. Look at my buddies right here. Right behind me. You've never seen better smiles on kids in your life than right here in Aberdeen. It's been a pleasure to be here and be their champion.

Q. Wonderful big win. Congratulations, Tom.

End of FastScripts.

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