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July 24, 2005

Greg Norman


Q. Good start, but just you just didn't come up. You did everything but.

GREG NORMAN: I did everything but. It was a good week. I really felt like I carried my ball striking on from last week. And the encouraging thing for me is I started to putt a little bit better. Even though I didn't make some putts today, but I actually had the ball rolling at the hole. I had good speed, I could see the line.

So it's coming back and I don't know where I'm going to finish here, I think these guys are going to be going to a playoff here, but all in all I'm glad that I came over and glad I'm back playing golf.

Q. You hit the ball like you were a young fellow this week. As you said, the putting just wasn't quite there. But that's touch, isn't it; that's practice. And you're right there with your game. But that's all you got to fix and that's great.

GREG NORMAN: That's what it is. But it's like the shot I hit into 16. I know better than that. When you're on a hard pan piece of ground like you have over here on links golf, I know that club's going to skid if you don't catch it just perfect. And that was just a bad mistake to make. And that's stuff you don't do when you're zoned in and locked in and when you've played a lot of good repetitive golf and competitive golf. So that's just one of those mistakes I made.

And a couple good breaks here and there, you know, what the heck, I'll go home and get excited for next week.

Q. Two terrific weeks here in Scotland, on the road back. Tell us what your thoughts are?

GREG NORMAN: Actually I was quietly encouraged, more so today because of the way my putting started getting better and better. I started feeling really confident with my stroke and really confident with how I was putting the ball. And on top of that my ball striking stayed consistent. So, disappointed to come up one short. I would like to be going back to 18, but it's not to be. But I really can't cry over too much spilled milk here. My expectations coming in here, I tried to keep it low and subdued, but as the day went on I was saying to myself, you know, you've got a chance to win, let's just go play our normal golf. And unfortunately it came up short, but that's the way golf does sometimes.

Q. You said you wished you were out there playing number 18 again, well you played 18 pretty well this week. Anything get your competitive juices going as you come to the end of a round like that?

GREG NORMAN: Well, you just don't know, when you're ahead of the last group, you just don't know what they're going to do. They got a few dodgy strokes in those putting strokes out there and, you know, you figure, well, you never know, they might miss a two footer, three footer. But I made a fundamental mistake on 16. That was my big mistake. I hit a beautiful drive down there. And I know, because I played enough links golf over here, it's really hard pan, like hitting off I 95. My club just, I just didn't catch it perfectly and then the flange skidded into the ball and it just goes another eight or six yards or whatever it was. And that's what really that's where, if you're in your zone and locked in from competitive golf, week in, week out, shot after shot, you pick up on those little things. And I picked up on it after the fact, not before the fact. So all in all it was a good week.

Q. Next week another Major championship. A little hungry after two good weeks over here?

GREG NORMAN: Well, yes, I'm looking forward to taking a look at NCR. I've heard about it, but I haven't seen a lot about it. But the most important thing is my putting's there and I heard that it's got a lot of dead elephants buried in the greens, so we'll get over there and see what it's like and hopefully I'll keep my good ball striking going.

End of FastScripts.

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