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July 22, 2005

Greg Norman


Q. Tell us the difference. 67 today, yesterday not so good. How did you find the course different today?

GREG NORMAN: I think we just got used to it. The wind wasn't as gusty and strong as it was yesterday. It was up there around 20, 25. But I got to know the golf course. Got to know the lines where you're going to hit it. And even when I hit it in the rough today I hit it exactly where I was looking. So it wasn't like I was in any trouble trying to figure out where to go.

So I started to feel a little more comfortable and I hit a lot more good shots too, which is helpful. Controlling the distance is crucial around here. And just being patient. Like I said yesterday, you just got to hang in there, you know you're going to hit some bad shots, you're going to hit a bad shot and finish poorly. So you just got to be as patient as you can.

Q. To bogey 16 today, when you were going along so nicely, it was a bit smelly. And then all of a sudden to come back on 17 and 18 and go birdie, birdie and go, "Hello, I'm right here", two behind Stadler, you're in a great position for the weekend.

GREG NORMAN: Absolutely. Today it was a day where you could actually shoot yourself out of the tournament. You can't win it on day one or two, but you can actually get yourself in contention. And I didn't want to shoot another 76. That would have been hard work to come back and do that over 36 holes. And I figured if I could shoot around 70, 69, 71, it was going to be a good score to keep in contention. But I took advantage of my good play and it's going to be nice, hopefully I'll play in the last group tomorrow.

Q. Obviously similar conditions yesterday and today. What's the difference in scoring?

GREG NORMAN: The wind's a little softer today. It's up there, but it's not as heavy a gust of wind. I thought yesterday I sat back last night and I put it my top 10 hardest rounds of conditions that I ever played in as a professional. A tough little golf course. Tough wind to play in, very heavy wind, very gusty wind, hard to control your golf ball, awkward all the way around. So it was in my top 10 hardest conditions.

Today, a little bit more consistency, the wind was just a little softer. But I got to know the lines on the golf course. You know where you're hitting the ball, you know where all the trouble is, trying to keep it away from it. If you miss the fairway, miss it on the right side, not the bad side.

So it's starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with it and hopefully I can keep it going the next couple days. I knew today you could shoot yourself out of the tournament and I didn't want to do that, I wanted to play consistent, steady golf. I've been doing that now for six rounds of golf, going back to the British Open. And I'm looking forward to continuing it on, to tell you the truth.

End of FastScripts.

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