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July 21, 2005

Greg Norman


Q. How did you find the conditions?

GREG NORMAN: I think the golf course played fair but extremely difficult. Some of the outward holes where it is about 440 into the wind were very tough. You expect this sort of wind when you come to Scotland but around here there is not an awful lot of room to play with, the fairways are extremely narrow and there is a lot of undulation on them. You can hit a decent drive and find yourself in the rough and maybe not such a good one and find yourself on the fairway. But you just have to take the good with the bad. On a day like today you are going to get some bad breaks and hopefully by the end of the week they will even themselves out.

Q. It is very hard to keep it out of the rough?

GREG NORMAN: Well it is and it is also hard to figure out what the spin of the ball is going to do. The grass, when it is dry and wispy you get a fair idea of what it is but there is a lot of moisture in the green grass under the wispy stuff so sometimes the ball comes out dead and sometimes it comes out racing, you just don't know. You just try to put the club on the ball the best you can and walk away. Everybody else is going to be shooting high numbers by the end of the week. It is disappointing to finish the way I did because I thought I hit the ball pretty solidly.

Q. Have you played in harder conditions?

GREG NORMAN: Not too many tournament rounds in as hard as conditions as this. This golf course was awkward all day long and the angle of the wind was either on your left shoulder or your right shoulder, it was never really straight into you. It was just awkward and it was hard to visualise what you were trying to do. You were sometimes aiming 60 or 80 yards left of the middle of the fairway and just hoping that the wind would grab it, you just had to grin and bear it. Even downwind was hard like at the 17th, I thought I hit a solid shot but the wind grabs it and it finishes 15 yards short of the green.

Q. Loren said it was consistent at least, Peter Jacobsen said it was inconsistent, is that maybe the difference between a 73 and an 83?

GREG NORMAN: I would think so, yes. But again you can hit the ball really well here and still walk off with an 83. Loren played well today obviously to get that score round here but you just have to grind it out. At the end of the day, 144 guys have got to play in this for the next couple of days and then it will sort itself out. You know you are going to get bad breaks, you just have to take them and get on with it.

Q. Given all of that, how did you think you played?

GREG NORMAN: I played probably five shots better than what my score suggests. I didn't putt very well but that is maybe to be expected as the last thing to get back is the feeling with your putting and trying to get the feel back for your putting in winds of 35mph on greens that are rolling ten and a half is not the easiest of missions. I didn't really miss the greens that badly, but when I did, I didn't get the ball up and down with any sort of consistency.

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