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July 23, 2005

Ian Woosnam


IAN WOOSNAM: Just hit a few bad shots today and didn't putt very well at all again. Just couldn't make a score. Couple of drives I just overhooked it which is a good sign for me and I am quite encouraged by it and I just have to keep working on what I have been doing. It's good. Gets me a bit more power in the shots. I am quite pleased. 75 was about the worst I could have done and 68 was the worst I could have done yesterday.

Q. Pretty miserable at times?

I IAN WOOSNAM: found it quite tough today. Harder than yesterday. I know I played very well yesterday and when you are not playing so well it is tough. You just have to be a little off to make it tough.

Q. What do you think of Graeme McDowell?

IAN WOOSNAM:It was nice to play with Graeme. It is good to play with these younger lads and get a look at them early on.

Q. Are you at the stage when you choose your partners?

IAN WOOSNAM: I haven't asked for anyone yet. I have played with Graeme a couple of times now. That's just the way it came out. I think I am in that situation where I will play with a lot of these guys.

Q. He showed great composure when he went out of bounds?

IAN WOOSNAM: Yes. Played a great chip and good up and down. It could have been seven and it was a good chip.

Q. What do you think of him?

IAN WOOSNAM: I don't think Graeme has played his best when he has played with me. He putted very poorly when we played in Ireland. Played better the last two days but I don't think he has played his best yet.

Q. A good prospect, though?

IAN WOOSNAM: Definitely. He is there and thereabouts.

Q. Do you see him contending for a team spot?

IAN WOOSNAM: No doubt about it. He is in that situation and will be there or thereabouts.

Q. Will there be a time when you pick your partners?

IAN WOOSNAM: When it gets a bit further down the road it would be nice to see some of the guys who are on the mark especially if I have to make a decision on who it is to be.

Q. You hit some cracking shots?

IAN WOOSNAM: I didn't play as well as yesterday but hit some encouraging shots which is what I am looking for. It was tough today. They haven't made their mind up on how many make the cut yet. They just told us in there it might be more than 50.

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