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July 30, 2005

Craig Stadler


Q. Craig, how different was the golf course today?

CRAIG STADLER: Well, you know, you've asked every day how different it was, and it's been the same every day except the greens were quite a bit dried out today, got quite crusty on the back nine actually. It made it a little tougher to putt from above the hole and beside the hole, but when you were below it, it was very playable, I must say.

Other than that it was the same tee to green. Maybe a little faster off the tee, as well. But the greens were definitely firmer and quicker.

Q. Some of the guys said some of their drives ran off the fairway into the rough, did you experience that at all?

CRAIG STADLER: Some of mine did, yeah, but they started in the rough and ran farther. But no, I didn't have anything that went through the fairway.

Yeah, I think it's a perfect example, 17, I hit 3 wood the last two days and today I hit 3 wood and I had 40 yards to the green. It was definitely scooting a bit in the fairways.

Q. You were telling me back there about somebody yelled in your back swing.

CRAIG STADLER: Oh, right in the top on No. 1, pretty good drive but fanned it in the rough and didn't hit a very good shot and started out with a bogey, which is not ideal, not the way you want to get your day going. But I was very fortunate to make bogey on 2.

Q. The missed club was between what two clubs?

CRAIG STADLER: I hit driver, I should have hit 3 wood.

Q. Do you think they could put a lot tougher pin placements tomorrow?

CRAIG STADLER: They could be a lot tougher than they were today. I think the only one that was really marginal was 16 because the green was so dried out. Levi hit it 40 feet left of the roll and rolled it 15 feet down the hill, which brought back memories of Shinnecock a little bit on that one. That was the only one that was marginal. I'd say the rest of them were fine.

Q. You said yesterday that there's no real strategies, you just go out and play golf in the last group tomorrow. Same thing?

CRAIG STADLER: It's a little different now. If the greens stay the way they are now, you've got to place the ball on the greens a little bit differently. You can't afford to be above the hole. That makes a big difference now. Before you were just firing at it, now you're trying to place it on the greens now to have a puttable putt. It's certainly a little different from that point of view, but just going out and getting the first tee and trying to knock it in the fairway, that doesn't change.

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