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July 28, 2005

Greg Norman


Q. Greg, you said yesterday your game was solid, and obviously you proved that today.

GREG NORMAN: Yeah, I didn't make any mistakes today, kept the ball in play, hit a lot of greens, and probably the only flaw on my whole day was I didn't make the putts that I thought I would make. The greens were tough speed wise, getting to know them, getting the feel of them, but I've got no complaints. I like my position, I like the way my swing feels and I like the way my head is at the moment.

Q. Everybody expected the greens to be quick but with the rain

GREG NORMAN: I didn't think they could make these greens too quick because of the undulations and some of the mounding around them. If they got them much quicker than 10 and a half, they'd be getting them right on the edge. I think it would be a difficult golf course to set up, to tell you the truth. I thought the conditions on Tuesday were magnificent. The golf course was firm, the greens were firm, they were maybe half a foot quicker than what they are now.

The golf course lays out beautifully, no complaints about that.

Q. Where do you need to avoid? What areas do you need to avoid on this golf course?

GREG NORMAN: Simple. Just don't short side yourself. If you don't short side yourself, you don't have much of a chance. The greens are very soft so if you do have enough green to work with with a chip or a pitch shot, they're soft enough you can be aggressive. If you short side yourself it's going to be a tough shot because there's a lot of green on these greens. If you get on the wrong side of that green, you can't get the spin you want, so you have to be careful of that.

Q. On a lot of courses 33 putts seems like a lot of putts, but this is the U.S. Open and you're tied for the lead.

GREG NORMAN: It's an indication I hit a lot of greens, I guess. Yeah, I'm not I didn't feel uncomfortable with my putter. I didn't feel like there's anything wrong with it. It's just a matter of speed, that's all it was. There was a lot of moisture, even on the fairways and in the rough when we teed off this morning. I think that moisture will be gone by the time I tee off tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I'll have a better feel for the pace, which I think I will do. I'll pretty much catch up to it.

Q. Psychologically on that level, how good is it not to feel that pain in the back every time you swing?

GREG NORMAN: Well, all I can tell you, it's great to play golf without pain, simple as that. I used to walk off the golf course absolutely hating it. I didn't want to come back because I was in so much pain, I couldn't play golf properly. That was indicative of my attitude, and I hated being that way. Now I don't have the pain. Now I feel like I can hit the ball when I need to hit it, so when I walk off the golf course, whether I shoot a 68 or whether I shoot a 72 or 76 even in the first round of the Senior British Open, I felt pretty good actually because walking around 18 holes and hitting 68 shots without any sharp, shooting pains down your leg or back is a pretty good feeling.

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