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August 13, 2005

Pat Perez


Q. Birdied 16, what did you hit?

PAT PEREZ: 6 iron off the tee.

Q. Did you feel more confidence coming on?

PAT PEREZ: No, not really. I really haven't felt confident yet. I made a few swing changes on Tuesday and worked on them until dark; and Wednesday did the same thing, because I teed off late Thursday. I'm still not hitting it quite how I want to. I'm still hitting some shots, and I'm never really certain if the ball is going to go where I want it to. But I'm hitting it good enough to where I'm not in a lot of trouble, and that's the key on this course.

Q. What did you do in a nutshell, swing wise?

PAT PEREZ: I'm trying to stand farther away from it to get my plane not so steep, try to shallow it out a little bit because it's helping me through the rough and basically with the driver, and that's what I've needed.

Q. Why did you decide to change your swing on Tuesday right before a major?

PAT PEREZ: Because I had not played since the British Open, so I figured there were things that needed to be done to get ready to play.

Q. Did you see this coming, being in contention heading into the last round?

PAT PEREZ: No, but you always hope for it. You always prepare to be there on season Sunday.

I'm not surprised. I've been playing good. I just, you know, I've just got to put everything together.

Q. I saw you looking at the board after you had the birdie on the last hole; is that the first time you realized you were one out of the lead or did you know coming up?

PAT PEREZ: No. I kind of knew Phil was 3 over early. And you know, we were actually joking about it on the range today that 5 under could be leading at the end of the day. You know, I would have bet everything against it, but I'm sure Phil will get a couple back. You know, I'm not surprised by the score because it's playing so hard out there.

Q. So you made a lot of putts?

PAT PEREZ: No. I missed a bunch, I missed a bunch all three days, and today was no exception.

I really didn't do anything. I hit the ball pretty good and I hit a ton of lips coming in. I chipped in on 12 and I had a tap in on 14. The only real putt I made was the long one on 16, I made it from about 40 feet. And then 18 was straight up the hill, so it doesn't really count. I missed two 6 footers back to back on 10 and 11. So I'm making them and I'm missing them. It's evening out.

Q. What's it like playing under these weather conditions, just the oppressive humidity?

PAT PEREZ: I don't mind the humidity. I like it I'd much rather have it hot than cold. I can't move when it's cold; I hate it. So I'll take 110 over 60 any day. Plus, I live in Scottsdale, so I'm used to the heat. It's nice, today we had a cloud cover for last nine holes so it has not been too bad.

Q. So you're not putting that great, the swing is still a little unsure, but here you are. What do you attribute it to?

PAT PEREZ: Just working hard. Just, you know, staying with the same key, just not going out there and, okay, well, it didn't work for one shot and let's try something new, let's try something new. I know it's the right key. When I hit it right, it's perfect.

Q. A backswing key, a downswing key?

PAT PEREZ: No, it's not really it's a setup key. It's getting a lot farther away from the ball which creates me to get shorter at the top and not get lifting and across, which is what I do best.

Q. Who were you working with?

PAT PEREZ: My coach, Mike Owen.

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