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September 6, 2005

Suzann Pettersen


Q. All right. Now we have Suzann Pettersen from Norway who's playing on the European side. This is Suzann.

Your third connective Solheim Cup appearance. Can you tell us a bit about your experience so far this time around?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: I'm just very delighted to be on the team again. After all the problems I had last year, I never thought I was going to make it this year. For me it's a great bonus and it's great to be, once again, part of the team.

Q. How is your back?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: My back is good, so it's starting to feel better. I'm playing better. The course is in great shape. I look forward to starting here. It's a long week so you have to be patient but it's going to be fun.

Q. Take some questions.

Suzann, were you surprised to get the Captain's pick, having been out of the game so long this season?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: Well, I had a fairly short time to prove that I was going to be good enough to play on the team. I talked to Catrin a few times during my period when I was off, and I had a feeling she wanted me on the team, and I didn't expect it, but it wouldn't surprise me. That's how I looked at it. So, when she finally gave me the call, I was very happy.

Q. What do you think you bring to the team? Is it your temperament, firey temperament?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: Definitely my temperament. I mean, I hate to lose. I pretty much have that fighting instinct which I can probably try to give to some of the other players if they need it. I love being part of a team. I mean, that's a lot of the other prayers have said we play individually 11 months of the year, and this one week we can come together and enjoy each other and enjoy each other's company, and that's a great thing. We Europeans get along very well and

Q. Do you have a favorite memory from the previous two?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: You always have some memories. I mean, the match Saturday afternoon with Annika, that was a huge match. I remember I was so tired. It was my first one, which is always going to be very special. I remember saying on the first tee I almost thought I was going to pee myself. It's just how it is in the Solheim. It's very nice.

Q. Suzann, Laura and some of the Karen and Trish were in here a few minutes ago talking about the fun you guys have, maybe more than the American team. Can you cite any examples in the locker room or at dinner that help make you guys so close?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: It's just about having fun. You won't get more fun than this. It's a very simple humor, to be honest. English dry humor, it seems to work. There's tons of things. I don't know what makes us such a good team. I think everyone is so into it. Everyone gives 100 percent and all we're trying to do is help the other members on the team and not try to think of yourself.

So, that's what a good team is about, to help each other and support and be there when people need you. Golf is a very selfish sport. It's an individual sport. You're by yourself pretty much all the time. I think everyone enjoys being a part of something, and I think that's a key word.

Q. Do you think the team thing comes from an inferiority complex the rest of the world has on the States? Is it a case of getting one over on the States?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: No, I don't know. I mean, we all want to win The Cup. We want to do it together. It's pretty simple.

Q. Why do you feel the Americans don't have that?

SUZANN PETTERSEN: I think the Americans, they're great individual golfers, and I think as a lot of other players have said they haven't played as much together before as probably the Europeans have. You never know. Probably one day they are going to show us they are a better team. We're always winning the first two days. We proved last time we beat them in the singles. We have to improve our stuff all the time. So, I think we just have to keep working and not talk too much about the Americans.

Q. Any more questions? No. Thanks very much Suzann. Good luck this week.

End of FastScripts.

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