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September 24, 2005

Robert Gamez


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thanks, Robert, for joining us for a few minutes here in the media center at the Valero Texas Open. Solid round, and obviously good position going into tomorrow. You've probably had a little advantage I would say because you played in the afternoon yesterday, so you had a little opportunity to play in this wind. Was it similar?

ROBERT GAMEZ: It was real similar. It blew from a little bit different direction today. I think it was more constant today than it was yesterday. Yesterday we had a lot of gusts, and it was just as hard, but we had some more gusts yesterday where you had to kind of be careful.

But yeah, I had an advantage and a disadvantage all in one. It was an advantage to have played in it yesterday but disadvantage to the fact that I had to play in it yesterday when all the other leaders played early. I'm pretty happy with my golf game now, and my putter hasn't been as hot the last two days as it was the first day, and I need to get it going.

I'm hitting some good putts, they're just not going in. I thought the greens were a little bit slower today than they had been. I don't know if they watered them or didn't put the mowers on them because the wind might get them a little bit crazy, but I had trouble getting the ball to the hole.

Q. It was a good birdie on No. 16. What happened on 17?

ROBERT GAMEZ: You know, we misjudged the wind off the tee, and yesterday it was straight downwind, and I hit 8 iron there, and we had a yard further today. So I knew the wind was coming more off the right not helping as much, so I hit a 7 iron and I think the wind turned back in our face.

The second putt was straight into the grain and I didn't hit it hard enough. Like I said, I think the greens were a little bit slower today. I don't think they cut them as much so the grain was grabbing putts a lot more, and that one just kind of grabbed my ball and ate it up. I just didn't hit it hard enough basically. I played well.

Q. You were in the rough on 5?

ROBERT GAMEZ: Just in the rough.

Q. Were you behind the tree? The tree didn't really affect you?

ROBERT GAMEZ: No, I was only hitting a wedge anyway. I actually hit a really good tee shot and was surprised to see it down in the rough. I hit a good wedge shot there and opened it up. That one was downgrain and I was able to get it to the hole. Those were the putts I made today, downgrain, like the one on 16 was a little bit downgrain. Anything into the grain today I didn't get the ball to the hole, couldn't hit it hard enough.

Q. It's been 1990 I think was your last

ROBERT GAMEZ: Yeah, it's been a long time.

Q. Kind of nice to be back in the one of the last few groups tomorrow?

ROBERT GAMEZ: I hope I can be in that last group. I know Woody just made birdie to get to 13 and I know Dean is playing the last. I'd like to be in the last group tomorrow and see how it all plays out.

Q. I guess you were in the teeing off yesterday you kind of had the lead but you also knew what you had to do; that's kind of a nice advantage to have?

ROBERT GAMEZ: Yeah, I already knew those guys had played well, but it was tough. I mean, yesterday it played really hard, and I played pretty solidly to shoot 2 under yesterday, and I played a solid round of golf today. Just, like I said, the bogey I made at 2, I was in the middle of the fairway and I couldn't hit the tree was in my way for the type of shot I had to hit, so I had to play it out to the right trying to draw it and it ended up in the high rough right and made bogey and then the three putt on 17. I'm hitting the ball great, driving the ball pretty much where I want to drive it, and my iron play has been wonderful.

It's just hard to get the ball close today with that wind. Well, the last two days for me anyway.

Mark played great. He played solid from tee to green; didn't really hit it close a lot, just made a lot of putts. He had a shot on 11 there kind of like I did the first day where I missed the fairway right and made a long putt for birdie, he did the same thing today. It looked like he was going to run away with it there and then kind of struggled on the way in, but I think his swing kind of finally caught up to him at the end of the round there.

Q. I guess it was like Thursday, you talked about the Money List being one of the main priorities for you. You're in a good position now whether you win or are in the top finishers to give you a nice boost.

ROBERT GAMEZ: Yeah, I just need to play solid again. I'm doing the things that I need to do to win this thing, and I just like I said, the putter starts to the ball needs to go in now instead of just hitting the edge. I hit some good putts out there. I hit a good one on 6, it just didn't fall. I had another short one somewhere else that didn't go in, but we'll see what happens.

Q. Anything different this week? It's coming together.

ROBERT GAMEZ: No, I think I'm concentrating a little bit more on each shot. I think what I've been doing, I've been focused but not quite as much right before I hit it. My caddie and I, we've just been working hard at that trying to make sure I'm doing it right before it's time to go. I usually do it way in advance, get my yardage, get my club and then I'm sitting and waiting, and I don't think I'm focused enough right before I'm supposed to take it back. We've been kind of working on that this week and it seems to be helping.

Q. Does it help to have a lot of family around?

ROBERT GAMEZ: Yeah, it's always fun. They got rowdy out there for a little while, and it's fun when they're out here and fun to be here.

Q. You went to Fiesta Texas earlier in the week?

ROBERT GAMEZ: Yeah, we had a player party Wednesday night, and they only had two rides open, though. They had the one that shoots straight up and I forget the roller coaster they had open, but I rode it six times in a row. I think maybe that jarred something back jarred my head back into place.

Yeah, it was fun.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Robert.

End of FastScripts.

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