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September 23, 2005

Retief Goosen

Adam Scott


Q. Is there anything that happened during the rain delay

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was good for us. They had won the last two holes and then we got out and won the next hole so that really turned it around. That was key for us.

Q. When you get a big lead like that, is it tough to expand it?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm sure. The other guys want to win the hole real desperately.

Q. You got out of the gate really early, 4 up after six holes and they kept chipping away. Do you think the rain delay was a good thing for you at that point?

RETIEF GOOSEN: Probably could have been, yeah, stopped the momentum a little bit. Adam played very well today, and a few times I hit it in the middle of the lake. I struggled today.

Q. You've played together as a team twice, do you think Captain Player will keep you together tomorrow?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, guess, you know, you've got to keep winning teams on, but see how the rest of the team does and how they feel and try to put out our best side tomorrow.

Q. Two days in a row, two days on top, Retief, talk about Adam today.

RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, he played really strong today. A few holes I was completely out of it but he kept us going.

Q. Adam at one point, 4 up, it looked like you had them in the bag and then a hole developed in the bottom of that bag and almost got out. But you hung on to victory, you have to be awfully proud playing with a great player like Retief.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, absolutely. But you can't win the match after six holes and they chipped away at us. You know, they drew it out to 17, so real happy to close it up.

End of FastScripts.

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