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March 30, 1997

Sergi Bruguera


JOE LYNCH: Sergi Bruguera who began the year No. 81 on the ATP Tour rankings will move back into the Top 20 after reaching the final here. Probably almost ready for that first question, once he finishes chewing.

Q. Talk about, I guess, the importance of the first set and the tiebreaker.

SERGI BRUGUERA: Well, for me I think it was very important, you know, because it was very tough all the set. Especially when I lost these chances, it was very bad luck, I had three points that missed it by not much. Then when I lost that set, I lost a lot of faith on the victory. I just throw away like three games that I didn't play practically. Then I tried to come back. At 5-3 I have like two breakpoints more. Then after when I lose that chances, I was really, really tired.

Q. Sergi, at 6-All in that tiebreaker when Thomas chased down two overheads, one of them was a big lob that he hit back, and you hit a backhand into the net. Did you think that that ball was out?

SERGI BRUGUERA: No, no. I saw it was on the line. I mean, I thought it was going out. Then one bounces, I was not ready to hit it. I want the ball goes out. I thought it's going out, maybe because I want it to. Then I was not ready to hit it well.

Q. When did you start your problem with your foot?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Well, at the end of the first set when we was playing, it started burning a lot. It was so much burning. I tried to put two socks, but it was still burning me a lot because I have two blisters, big blisters, on my both feet. Then I ask for the trainer because I couldn't run anymore because the blisters.

Q. Were those blisters from this match or from a previous match?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I mean, I think was burning from this match. I have it every day a little bit more, little bit more painful. With this hot and the hardcourts, I mean, I'm not used to play that much maybe. It's much difficult for my feet hurting me a lot.

Q. Were both feet hurting or just the one?


Q. Do you have any blisters on your hands, too?


Q. Sergi, what makes it so difficult, how is it so difficult to play somebody like Muster on a day like this?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Well, the problem is, I mean, he hits very hard the ball from both sides. There's not someplace that you can attack easy. Then he moves so well. You need like serving like big, like Krajicek, to make free points and easy points. He's really good physical condition, no. He's playing all the time the same level. He doesn't have like up and downs. That's what I think makes difficult. But, I mean, maybe with another one, if he lost the first set, you still playing. But with him, if you lose the chances, it's difficult because always if I would win the first set, I know he was tired also at the second set, and the third set I can see that he was really tired, but I couldn't put my rhythm because I was so tired, too. But if you are up on the score, I mean, you feel the different way because mentally you don't lay down your arms and all the time come. But if you're still ahead on the score, you keep fighting, even if you are the same tired.

Q. Sergi, you're back in the Top 20 now. You want to be seeded in Roland Garros?


JOE LYNCH: So do a lot of other people.


JOE LYNCH: Anything else in English for Sergi?

Q. You going to see the Coppa Davis? Even if you don't play, you going to be there?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I'm not going to be there.

Q. I thought you said you were going with your team?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I'm going to see and I'm fighting with my team on my TV, on my couch.

Q. How difficult was it to beat Pete Sampras and come back and play Muster? You're on such a high after beating Sampras.

SERGI BRUGUERA: That also I think is tough for me because we play like very intense match all the time with a lot of tension. It was almost the same heat as today. When you beat somebody like Pete, especially. When you win, you're happy and you're relaxed. Also it's difficult then to come with the same tension the next match. It's like this and you have to do it. If you cannot do it very well, you going to lose, you cannot be able to win.

JOE LYNCH: Anything else? Thank you.

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