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May 31, 2004

Craig Stadler


Q. Nice shot.


Q. The last one. Could you talk about that for a second?

CRAIG STADLER: I was just trying to get to the green. It wasn't a very good lie and downhill. I was flying it right on the downhill. If I got it on top there I was just kind of aiming about 10 feet right of the hole, trying to hopefully keep it up top there and I pulled it and it checked and went right into the hole. Yeah, it went in very nicely.

Q. Talk about your tournament, you had a lot of chances out there.

CRAIG STADLER: No, actually I didn't play very well today. I got very lost in the wind. I drove the ball horrible today. But the last two fairways with the driver, I hit those, that was, 17 was the first fairway I hit since 7. And before that with a driver, 2. So I just kept kind of chipping out like five times today. But I made some putts early in the round. I made a bunch of four, five, six footers, that I haven't made in the last couple days. But I made just a couple not so pretty bogeys on the back nine. I hit what I thought was a pretty good shot to 14, it just went up the right fringe and came down in the bunker and made bogey. And that kind of, that took the wind out of my sails. And then I hit a good shot about 15 to about four feet and missed it and that was pretty much I was done. But, like I said, I chipped out, I chipped out on 4, 9, 10, 12, 16, that's plenty. And still I shot 1-under or 2-under or whatever. So I made some putts. But I chipped out okay, I chipped the ball very well, other than 16, I hit it in the left rough and had to scrape it out there short right. I thought it was a pretty good chip, but I missed the green. Other than that my chipping game was very good this week. Just kind of top it off with the one on 18. But I got up-and-down from a lot of spots where I didn't think I would. And easy up-and-downs, too, two, three, four footers.

Q. Did the wind cause you to miss the fairways?

CRAIG STADLER: The wind caused me to do everything. I missed fairways. A couple fairways I did hit, I missed the greens. I bet I didn't hit 8 greens the last 27 holes, probably. But, yeah -- just -- I was about to say I stayed patient. But I really didn't. I just got pissed like I always do, you know. But I came back and hit good chip shots.

Q. You got a smile on your face now.

CRAIG STADLER: Yeah, it was a good way to end. I hit four perfect drives on 18 this week and absolutely screwed up every second shot, every day. And I had 3-iron to the green for my second shot the first three days, and then finally had 3-wood today and put it back where I was just absolutely dead. And I wasn't that dead, I guess, so.

Q. Talk about the future of Valhalla, it gets a Ryder Cup in four years. What do you think about the course and its future?

CRAIG STADLER: Well, we never have had a chance to play the golf course, I think, as it would like to be played. As it will be set up with the Ryder Cup later in the year, you won't have this rain and you probably won't have this wind either. We had a little bit of everything this week. This was kind of the coup de gras, having it blow 30 miles an hour today. But it's a good golf course. I'm not going to say it's a great golf course. I think that some greens are, when you want to get them Ryder Cup speed I think that from what we saw in the PGA, some greens are, could use a little work on them, I think. 2 and 8 come to mind. Where you have pins tucked, but you hit good shots, and the green, especially with the pin front left, if you hit a good shot on 8, you got to land it right on the front edge when the green is firm and hope it stops. And if not, you're just dead. And you can have some holes where balls will roll and bump and undulate a little bit, but when you hit a good shot where you land it five feet from the hole, hitting a shot right where you want to and all of a sudden you're 30 feet from an unplayable shot, I don't think that's exactly what Jack had in mind with a few holes out here. But a good hard golf course, with the course hard and fast, it definitely doesn't play easy. It will be a good test.

End of FastScripts.

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