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September 18, 2004

Chad Campbell


JULIUS MASON: Chad Campbell, ladies and gentlemen.

Chad, please give us your recap about what happened out there today.

CHAD CAMPBELL: Started off all right. You know, I didn't play that well. Jim played great. I wish I could have helped him out a little bit more. I didn't make the putts when I needed to. I made one on 16. That was about all I did to help Jim out today.

He played great. You know, I'm going to go work on it for tomorrow.

Q. Can you just talk about the sequence on the 18th green there, when you saw that putt and is that all about Ryder Cup nerves or how much pressure did you feel there?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Obviously there's a lot of pressure, but I felt good over it. You know, it was kind of tough to read. Jim came over and tried to help us out. We had the right read. I just didn't hit it there. You know, just a bad putt.

Q. You played yesterday, Jim obviously has experience, these two guys have not played a match yet, was that worth anything going into it? Did you think that was going to be an advantage to you guys?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. You know, I think so, definitely getting paired with Jim, Jim is a great player and he's got a lot of experience.

You know, going up against two rookies in their first match, I definitely liked it. But didn't work out for us.

Q. I was just wondering, had you ever played with Howell or Casey before and what did you make of their game today as two of the more unknown of the Europeans?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Right. I played with Paul Casey a little bit. I haven't ever played with David Howell.

They played good. They played really solid all day, especially -- both of them played really well. They made some putts when they needed to, and just got the job done.

Q. On the putt at 18, how long was that, please?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Probably eight feet.

Q. I'm just wondering, after you made the long putt on 16, you guys are 1-up, you see all of the red flags up on the board, I'm just wondering what you're thinking and kind of how you feel like the outcome, what it may have done to your guys' momentum to not get a half a point here?

CHAD CAMPBELL: I mean, it was great. I was happy to finally make a putt and help him out. I know I was getting heavy out there.

We didn't hit that great of shots into 17 and they hit -- David hit a great shot in there about eight feet or so, ten feet and made the putt. That was a big putt.

You know, hit it down the middle on 18 and just didn't get it done from there.

Q. You hit a really nice drive on 18, I was going to ask you on the second, third, and fourth shot, which of the three if any would you like to have back and what happened on the second and third shot that was not quite what you wanted?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Second I just hung it out there, got it up in the wind a little bit and didn't really turn. You know, the chip, I just hit it a little bit too hard maybe. Maybe trying to get it in the hole too much.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about what Hal said to the team last night and how much of an effect that might have had with the fast start this morning?

CHAD CAMPBELL: I mean, it helped a lot. We were very disappointed after yesterday, obviously. I don't have to tell y'all that. This means a lot to us. They always say it means so much to Europe but I think it means as much or more to the U.S. You know, we had a good morning, and I think we're going to have a good afternoon.

Q. Sort of building on that, Hal mentioned that Tiger got up and spoke last night. I'm curious what he had to say and what it sort of meant for him to take a sort of vocal leadership role with you guys?

CHAD CAMPBELL: It was great. You know, I know I look up to the guys that have been here before. And for him to step up and say, you know, he didn't say much, just said we need to get out there and take care of business.

Q. Sorry to wallow in second-guessing about 18, but can you explain the third shot? A lot of guys would putt that and you decided to chip it. Is that just your preferred mode or what?

CHAD CAMPBELL: I usually putt the ball when it's off the green, but I mean, I had probably at least six, eight feet of fringe to carry, so really putting it never entered my mind. It was a little bit longer than just fringe it seemed like.

Q. Just to follow-up on your thought before this was a good morning, but does a little of you feel like it was almost a great morning?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, absolutely. You know, it would have been nice for us to at least get a halve out of it. It was a little disappointing losing on the last hole. But, you know, looking forward to seeing these guys play this afternoon.

JULIUS MASON: Chad Campbell, folks. Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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