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September 17, 2004

Darren Clarke

Miguel Angel Jimenez


Q. You got off to a fine start, what is it about Ryder Cup that makes for incredible golf?

DARREN CLARKE: It's been a long week building up and whenever you get out there we're all just excited to get out and play. I made a couple of good putts early on. Just kept going.

Q. Miguel, you put the first point on the board, that must be pretty special?

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM�NEZ: Yes, we enjoy very much the Ryder Cup and they play well but good to get a point.

Q. Some players talk about the pressure being too much that they can't enjoy it but you seem to love it?

DARREN CLARKE: We talked about it last night -- that's what we've done.

Q. Difficult pin positions on the course but you seem to be attacking everything.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM�NEZ: Yeah, well, when you're playing well, you can do that.

Q. What is it about these matches that makes you play so well?

DARREN CLARKE: It's a long week and we all could not wait to get out there and play. Thankfully for us, we got off to a very good start. We made a couple of putts early.

Q. Everybody out here is the best of the best, does it surprise you to look up at the board and see so many results going the European way? How important is it to win a match in the afternoon heading into the weekend?

DARREN CLARKE: It's great for team morale to get some points up early. There's a long, long way to go before the end. But we're very pleased with the way that we got off this morning and from the look of things, the teams are all doing very well.

Q. Talk about a great start.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM�NEZ: Well, it's great that we played so good at the beginning of the round, and get a point for the team.

Q. You had a fantastic start.

DARREN CLARKE: We both got off to a good start. We made a couple of putts, and momentum is huge as we all know in the Ryder Cup and we managed to grab it early and hang onto it.

Q. How important is it when you saw the first board?

DARREN CLARKE: You always notice what's going on. But when you start worrying about other games out here, you have enough work to do in your own game.

Q. Has to be a extraordinary start to the tournament, what do you expect for the afternoon?

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM�NEZ: We are doing very well.

DARREN CLARKE: We'll see what Bernhard decides but the way things are looking at the moment, it's a very good start for us and hopefully we can hang onto that momentum and ride it as long as we can.

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