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February 28, 2003

David Toms


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: David, congratulations. Hard fought win over Alex Cejka. Today you won it: Tied it on 17, and then won it on 18. Had to be nice not to go to extra holes.

DAVID TOMS: It was a tough match. Both of us made some birdies early, then we both kind of -- we messed up, I was 3-under par on the first eight and we both messed up No. 9 and then he birdied 10. We both birdied 11. And then he birdied the little hole around the water. Is that 13? But then he bogeyed 15, but birdied 16, and bogeyed 16 to let me get back even. Then I birdied 18. There were a lot of bogeys on a day when the golf course is soft and long, and a little breezy. I thought we played excellently.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: You've had luck on 18 the last few days.

DAVID TOMS: Yeah, yesterday was kind of one of those hero shots that you don't expect to happen. But today I think I set it up with my second shot. He laid off. We were even off the tee. He laid up short of the creek, and I hit a 3-wood over the ditch right there in front of the green. So then I think I had the advantage there. And then I barely got inside, with the third shot. And then I was able to make it.

Q. How do you feel?

DAVID TOMS: I don't feel very good. I had virtually no sleep at all. I got sick last night probably 9:30, 10:00, and started throwing up. I finally went to the hospital. Got to the hospital about ten after 1:00. Thank goodness my caddy was staying here at the hotel, also, so he took me to the emergency room. And they gave me a couple of bags of fluid and some medicine to keep me from vomiting. And after about, I would say, about 3:30, I didn't have any vomiting after that. But I got back home, got to my room about 5:00 this morning, didn't sleep at all. When you're nauseated, you kind of toss and turn.

Finally, my wife called me and said, Are you going to play today? And this was about 9:00. And I still didn't know what I was going to do. But I got up, went and had a banana and toast, and got a Gatorade and started feeling good enough to at least stand on my feet. But when I started warming up, I was still pretty shaking on the range. My legs were shaking. And then I ate another banana and got better, and got out there. I think my adrenalin took over from there. I was in the heat of competition. And I was fine.

I was a little bit tired toward the end, but I never really got hungry or anything. I was just a little light-headed all day.

Q. How close were you from just withdrawing?

DAVID TOMS: In the middle of the night last night, my caddy and I both said, we can't play tomorrow, there's no way. I felt that bad. And that's why I went to the hospital. I called him, I said, Take me to the hospital. That's my only chance to play golf tomorrow. If I go there and get fluids back in me and they give me something to quit throwing up, then I might be able to play. I still didn't know if it was going to happen until right before I teed off.

Q. Is he going to get a nursing bonus this week?

DAVID TOMS: Absolutely. He was right there. He was sitting out in the emergency room with all the other people that were in there. You can't sleep. You can't lay down. He sat there for four hours waiting for me to get better. He was a trooper, for sure.

Q. What did you have for dinner?

DAVID TOMS: Well, I'm not going to say where I ate, because I frequent that place, so I'm not going to give them any bad publicity. But I had chicken and shrimp, something I've eaten a hundred times, and never got sick. Scott was with me, and he got a little funny, too. He didn't feel too well, either, but not near as bad as me.

Q. You were the next to last match of the day. If you had been the first match of the day, could you have done it?

DAVID TOMS: I don't think so, I really don't, because I would have had to have gotten up earlier, when I wasn't feeling well at all, and really made it a point to -- what am I going to do to be able to play. But I got to sleep a couple of hours later, had to kind of wait to the last minute to warm up. So I was lucky that I was last.

Q. When did you finally -- you said early on you felt bad, but you started to regain your strength, I guess, or the adrenalin took over?

DAVID TOMS: Even on the first hole, I drove it in the rough. I had to chip out. He hit the green. But I hit a 9-iron on my third shot in there to about six inches. And that kind of got me going. And then I birdied 12. Then I started playing good golf and started building on that. I thought I was going to be out trying to survive. But I was hitting the ball well, driving it in the fairway, hitting it on the green, and having a chance for birdies. The guy I was playing was playing well, so we were into it. So I think the competitiveness got me through it.

Q. What did you think? It was probably your first chance to see your opponents game. Had you seen him play before, and what did you think of his game?

DAVID TOMS: I've seen him hit balls a lot, because he's on the Tour this year over here. He'd been on our Tour before. And I've seen him some in Europe. I knew he had a good swing, but he played -- he hit a lot of good, quality shots today. Drove the ball in the fairway, for the most part. He impressed me. I think he'll do well. He's here in this field, so he must be a good player.

Q. Did you guys talk at all?

DAVID TOMS: We did a little bit. A little bit early he asked me how I was feeling, because one of the guys from the fitness van brought me some medicine, in case I got nauseated on the golf course. He asked me what was going on. And then actually on the 17th tee, which is our 8th hole, the old 17, I had my driver, I was bending over getting something off my shoes, and I flipped my driver around and I caught him with my grip right across the chin. He said, "Oh, that's the way you beat people." That was a nice little conversation there. So we talked a little bit. But anytime that you're in the heat of the battle, you don't have a whole lot to discuss.

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