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February 25, 2003

Mike Shea


MIKE SHEA: Ladies and gentlemen, the golf course, about 5:30 morning we received probably about an inch and a half of rain. And throughout the day we're up over two inches of rain right now. But I've just walked on a lot of the fairways on the back nine. They are remarkably dry. What we see, when we look out from here is the overflow coming out of the ditches and whatnot. And it looks worse than what it really is. When you look at that, you kind of think that there's no way we'll be able to play golf. But the forecast is good for the rest of the day. We have this little shower that's coming in right now, but it's not going to be anything significant. And I would anticipate us playing golf tomorrow morning, and the first tee time as scheduled.

Q. Ball in the hand tomorrow?

MIKE SHEA: We won't make that determination until tomorrow morning.

Q. What's your guess?

MIKE SHEA: Because we're not going to be able to cut the fairways tonight, the equipment, we're fearful that we'll do too much damage. I don't like to go out on a limb, but we're going to lean towards doing it, if we have to. But we're going to take that on a round-by-round basis. If we do have to play lift, clean, and place tomorrow, then by Thursday we probably won't.

Q. What hole concerns you the most out there right now? And because it's match play versus stroke play, does that make a difference between what you might be able to do, because one hole may be difficult or unplayable? If you look at that one with the imaginary lake out there right now?

MIKE SHEA: Like I said, the playing areas of the golf course are okay. It's going to be difficult, maybe, if the water stays up like this, to get players from the fairway at No. 9 to the green off from the fairway -- now it's No. 16 to the green. But the tee is fine, the greens are fine, the fairway is fine, where most of the play is going to take care of. But it would be just a matter of getting people around these excessive areas of water, where it appears to be a lake right now. We don't think it's in play.

Q. What are you going to do about that? Are you pumping it out?

MIKE SHEA: It's just going to run. We've been at this golf course a number of years, and I think by tomorrow morning you won't believe how dry it will be. The creeks will be back inside the banks. The maintenance crew are out there right now, they're squeegeeing, pumping bunkers, moving all the standing water. But for the most part, the golf course is remarkably dry, considering what we've had just a few hours ago.

Q. You've lengthened this golf course coming into the tournament, will you now consider moving up some tees because of the water?

MIKE SHEA: No. We plan on playing the new tees, and we will play the golf course.

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