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May 23, 2003

Ian Woosnam


RODDY WILLIAMS: This is Ian Woosnam. 7-under par, one shot off the lead, could you sum up today for us, please.

IAN WOOSNAM: Missed a few greens to start off with, managed to get up-and-down. Then as I went through the round, started to play a bit more steady. Didn't seem to putt too well. Then at the last, just managed to get up-and-down to finish at 69; very happy with that, really.

RODDY WILLIAMS: A nice position to be in.

IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, at the beginning of the week, I wasn't playing very well. Pete came and gave me a few tips and I started swinging better. Only thing I'm not doing too well is not putting too well. I keep missing them to the right most of the time. I don't know if that's something to do with my lineup, but I need to work on that this afternoon. The greens at this time of the year are always a little bit seedy, and don't quite run as true as they do in the match-play. If I could just pick up my putting a little better, I'll be really happy.

Q. Are you missing putts regardless of whether you use a long putter?

IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, I usually do good with the long one, but I don't seem to be able to get them online at the moment. If I hit a putt straight, I keep pushing it a little bit; from ten foot, I keep pushing it a couple balls to the right and that means if you get over 20 foot, you're out all the time.

Q. So what are the tips that he gave you?

IAN WOOSNAM: Just to get my address better. I was off-balance on my address. I was sitting back on my heels too much. Started leaning forward on my toes a little more and getting myself balanced properly and then stay down on the ball.

Q. If you usually putt well with a long putter, why do you go back to the other one?

IAN WOOSNAM: I go home, I had a few weeks off, my short putters are there and I started putting with them and I think I've got the secret and then I come out, I'm all right on the practice rounds and the Pro-Am. But as soon as the tournament goes, I start shaking with it. So I'm better off putting with a long putter all the time, really.

Q. Playing like this the way you're playing now, will that change your mind about the Ryder Cup?


Q. Your hat is still in the ring?

IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah. Doesn't matter if I won this week or won the next two tournaments. I'm at the age to do the Ryder Cup. It all depends who gets chosen for the Ryder Cup next, really.

Q. Do you know who you are up against?

IAN WOOSNAM: I presume I'm up against Langer and Lyle, I guess.

Q. Is that official?

IAN WOOSNAM: I don't really know. No one tells me what's going on, to tell you the truth.

Q. When you apply, do you just put your name forward or do you almost have to put a curriculum vitae?

IAN WOOSNAM: I sent a letter in. I can't believe -- Sam was invited to be captain and the Ryder Cup committee decided that. Now I guess a few people want to do it so they have got to go through the committee now.

Q. Would you like to know a bit more of what's going on?

IAN WOOSNAM: Well, you know, all of a sudden, it's going to be decided, it's going to be this week and now it's gone back to the Open or something. Somebody's got to make a decision at the end of the day.

Q. What do you think of the new qualification?

IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, I think the new qualification, it's perfect, really. It needed to be done. The other system has worked for us very well over the years, but I think now it needs to go to a different system.

Q. Do you think that just the letter is all you're expected to do or do you think you might need to go somewhere and tell some people why you think you would be a good captain?

IAN WOOSNAM: Well, if that happens -- if that has to happen, I don't think there's a lot of people -- if they don't know why I wouldn't be a good captain, there's something wrong with the system.

Q. It's just a letter?

IAN WOOSNAM: It's just a letter. I don't see why you should have to send a letter, really. I suppose officially you have to send a letter, yeah.

Q. Have you had a word with Sandy and Bernhard about it?

IAN WOOSNAM: I spoke to Sandy last year sometime because he wanted to put his name forward, too, put his name forward to be Ryder Cup captain, and he asked me what I thought. I said, well, I guess you just write a letter to whom it's concerned and that's what he's done. So he's put his name forward as well.

Q. He said he gave it to Mark James.

IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, he's the chairman.

Q. Would you have Sandy as your vice captain if he didn't get picked and you did?

IAN WOOSNAM: I'm not going to say anything. If I'm captain, I won't say who is going to be my vice captain yet.

Q. Everyone thought it was going to be you, but how disappointed would you be now if that's not so?

IAN WOOSNAM: Well, it's very difficult, the situation. I would rather see maybe Langer do it this next time because I think it would be perfect in America. And I think I'd do a good job in Ireland. That would be perfect, really. The thing is, if I'm not going to be sort of guaranteed for three years time or four years time, I want to have a shot at doing it this time. I don't want to be passed over in three years time.

Q. In other words, you think it should be the same system as it was Mark and then Sam and then it should be Bernhard and then you?

IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah. I think we're both willing to do that.

Q. How important is it that you've been a No. 2, to your case?

IAN WOOSNAM: Very important. I learned a lot being there with Sam. I didn't realize how much went on behind the scenes. The players are demanding, really. I never think the clothes are going to be right and so much. I know it is difficult when you play more on your own ground. It is different when you're going to America and everything is done for you there. But it is different in Europe.

It's great. It's a very great experience and I learned a lot, talked a lot about the pairings, doing a little bit of speeches to the players and keeping the motivation going. Younger guys, what are you going to say to them? Say the right thing to them to keep it going.

Q. Do you think it's too late to be the double ticket, if you like; Bernhard and you?

IAN WOOSNAM: I would love to think it wasn't. It would, to me, it would be perfect.

Q. Can you just say, speaking of younger players, Niclas Fasth --

IAN WOOSNAM: "Niclas Slow"? (Laughter.)

Q. The thing about him is that players say he's very strong mentally.

IAN WOOSNAM: Very strong mentally. Some of the times when you sort of think, well, he can hit a 4-iron and an 8-iron on the green, just gets at his 3-wood and bashes it straight down and goes in with a 7-iron. Very confident, very focused. Sometimes for me a little bit slow, but that's the way he gets into focus. He's all into what he's doing, really. Very solid. He's turned into a very, very solid player.

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