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July 9, 2003

Meg Mallon


MODERATOR: Thank you for joining us. I imagine it's always a special tournament to come back and defend. If you could talk about being a defending champion and just what it means to be back in Canada, and then we'll take some questions.

MEG MALLON: Absolutely. Well, it's an interesting tournament to be a defending champion because the venue changes. It's kind of like winning a major because you are going to a new golf course. I'm very pleased with this venue. It's fantastic. I was here for the press day and it was pouring down rain, so I didn't really get to see it, and neither did you guys because you all wimped out and you didn't play that day, right? (Laughter.)

I'm just really happy with where we are here in Vancouver, and this golf course is terrific. So it's fun to come back as defending champion, but we all start fresh, unfortunately, and at a new venue, but I really like this one.

Q. Talk about the golf course, just how you think it sets up and what do you think sort of the keys are to playing it?

MEG MALLON: Well, it's narrow off the tee. The rough is looking really good, as my Pro-Am partners will attribute to today. They struggled with it a bit. You have to place yourself well. I can't wait to see how our officials put pin placement out there, because you could really have some fun with the way the greens are set up in different quadrants. You could totally make a hole just by a pin placement.

So you really have to a strategy golf on this golf course, hit it on the left side of the fairway access a right pin. Same hole the next day, you might have to play it completely differently, which is what I like about it because you really to think your way around.

Q. It seems like you guys are all really happy to be here, not that you have to be here, you want to be here, can you talk about that, because that wasn't always the case for us when the PGA was here.

MEG MALLON: I'm sorry to hear that. (Laughing). Well, that could be a long book, talking about that. This tournament has always been fantastic to the LPGA, and one that's been hugely supported by the women, and as you see, the turnout this week is phenomenal. I'm not sure if there's anybody missing as far as top players here. So it's a tribute to the sponsor, a tribute to Jocelyne Bourassa and the Canadian players who have a passion and a great -- well, they just do a lot for our tour.

So it's easy to come to an event like this, and you're excited about it because we are always so welcomed and feel so good about being here.

Q. What is it with being north of the border that's had you have so much success over the years?

MEG MALLON: I don't know, but I'd like to bottle it, though. I was trying to think of that the other day, trying to think of what what's different at a Canadian event as opposed to the others. I think it's all the services that we get and are provided for us. We have chiropractors in the locker room and massage therapists and all of these wonderful things we don't get every week. So maybe I just get really relaxed and comfortable when I play this event because we are treated so well.

And it's a tribute to the venues we've been playing, too, just terrific golf courses and a lot of fun to play. You have to adjust and adapt, and I think I do that fairly well. And I'm playing in front of the Canadian golf fans that are some of the greatest golf fans in the world; it makes it a lot of fun.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about the ladies tour coming here on the heels of one of the great playoffs in golf in a long time?

MEG MALLON: Yeah, it was fantastic. I watched it from beginning to end, and just a tribute to all three players. Kelly and Hilary and Angela just the momentum kept swinging back and forth. No one ever gave up. The golf was fantastic. They were gutting it out even when they didn't play well, and everyone stayed right in it and it was really exciting to watch.

You know, every loves to see a fresh new face and a new winner, but I think Hilary's story was fantastic. Just to see how she handled it so well, makes us all envious and actually excited to go out and play to see that enthusiasm and excitement.

Q. On media day you regaled us with your hockey knowledge -- inaudible --

MEG MALLON: I told you, St. Louis was better than Detroit --

Q. And now you have a goalie problem?

MEG MALLON: Yeah, and what a problem it has, though. I don't know what happened. I don't know, what happens when you have a no-trade clause? Is it up to Curtis to say, "okay, I'll go somewhere," or he can play hardball and say "I'll stay here," is that how it works? Well, I guess they figured that out already. I think that was a great move. I'm sad about Sergei not staying anymore, but what a run he had in Detroit with us for 11 or 12 years. But the Red Wings look pretty good, but Colorado's moves and the Kings' moves, I can't believe they let Flek (ph) go but their moves were pretty strong.

Q. Are you a bigger hockey fan than a golf fan?

MEG MALLON: Oh, yeah, are you kidding? (Laughing) golf is a love/hate relationship. Hockey is a passion. Yeah, I absolutely love hockey. You know, you grow up with it, my dad used play, and I have a nephew in junior a hockey in Toronto. It's fun for me. It's a release. I like to go watch those guys play and be entertained by them. I admire them so much and their athleticism. It's a great sport, as you guys know.

Q. Could you tell me what your mindset is coming here as defending champion?

MEG MALLON: Well, I tell you, last week I missed the cut at the Open and that was incredibly disappointing. That was a shock because I felt like I was playing as good as I've been playing in a long time going into that tournament and just let it get away from me. I've got a little sense of purpose this week and some things I need to prove to myself. I know I'm playing better than that and I'd like to go out and do that this week.

End of FastScripts....

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