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July 19, 2003

John Elway

Jack Wagner


Q. Do you both feel in pretty good shape headed to tomorrow?

JACK WAGNER: I feel in great shape because I'm right up there. I had a spurt of birdies, John had a spurt of birdies Brett Hull had a spurt of birdies. It's just a great example of this format, anything can happen. You have to play aggressive.

So I feel pretty good, but if I don't play well, I'll be back in the pack in a second.

JOHN ELWAY: That's the thing. It's exciting because a couple birdies can get you back in it, and one good shot on a par 4, you're right back in it. Unless it's a 20-point lead, there's really not a lead -- it's going to come down to the last nine holes, last maybe even four holes tomorrow.

JACK WAGNER: Today was a great example. In our group, I started out with a few bogeys, John had a few birdies and then John went into a funk. And then I had three or four birdies and then John had three or four birdies and you're in the group going, "God, I thought he was kind of gone." And then Brett Hull came back and birdied the last four holes.

JOHN ELWAY: We had a birdie on every hole on the back side.

JACK WAGNER: Did we? 10,11, 12 , you birdied 13 --


JACK WAGNER: That's a good example, out of all of us we birdied every hole except for one on the back nine.

Q. Some highlights in your round?

JACK WAGNER: Probably the biggest highlight of my round was -- probably when my son showed up on 8 green and I 1-putted the next five holes and, you know, having him there, John's boy is out there, also. They are right around the same age. It's just nice to have them there. I definitely felt much better and more comfortable on the golf course when my son showed up.

Q. 30 points today, Rick had 30 as well today. What do you think it's going to take to win it tomorrow, how many?

JACK WAGNER: Sunday is always a little different, I think. The guys in the back probably will be a little looser. Probably the guys in the front, if somebody in the top six guys can shoot 68, that's a good number. If somebody can get to 28 to 30 points tomorrow, that would be really tough to beat out of the top five, six guys.

Q. The wind has stayed pretty calm both rounds, hasn't it?

JOHN ELWAY: Yeah, it has. We had a little breeze. There was never a club-wind, maybe half a club at the most. The weather was perfect again. Really didn't affect us.

Q. You guys actually had a tailwind on last couple holes, usually it's blowing, like on 18?

JOHN ELWAY: From right-to-left off the lake, that's right.

JACK WAGNER: Yeah, I hit 8-iron, that's a new club for me on that hole.

Q. The conditions of the course, it's been dry, the greens look pure; is it right up there with the best years?

JOHN ELWAY: I think it is. I don't think it's nearly as spongy. A lot of times it gets spongy, but it is definitely drier and the ball is going a little bit farther. I think the greens are a lot better this year. They are not jumping as nearly as much as they used to.

JACK WAGNER: That's why the scoring is getter because you're not worrying about 4- and 5-footers because there's big footprints around. It seems to be a lot smoother.

Q. How do you both feel about the format?

JOHN ELWAY: I love it. I think it's great. I think that, No. 1, it's a lot of fun to play because you can get aggressive. No. 2, if you make a couple bad swings, you can't lose it in one hole; whereas in medal play, you can shoot yourself out of the tournament in one hole. This format, you can't do that. That eases the mind and makes it a little bit more fun.

You know, when you can make those birdies, one birdie equals three pars. You can be aggressive and roll it. That's why I kick myself every time I leave a putt short; "What are you doing, lagging for a point," rather than three points.

I think it's fun. And the thing is more guys are in it and anything can happen tomorrow. Somebody can get really hot. A couple eagles right there could win the tournament for somebody.

JACK WAGNER: 16 is playing up, too. They are putting the tee up on 16. So 16 is a little more possible eagle hole than it used to be.

Q. You and Bartkowski have both been in the hunt many, many years here, and you're going to be in the last group tomorrow, it looks like, with 51 points. Any thoughts there as far as the fact that you have not won yet? What do you think going into tomorrow?

JACK WAGNER: You know, it's a really, really tough thing to get mind over nerves on a golf course. I don't care what anybody says, I don't care what level you play at. I'm sure the PGA TOUR pros, because they do it so often, play tournament golf, but we just don't play that often.

You know, it's hard to overcome nerves sometimes and you just have to gut it out. I think the guys like Danny and Rick, and John, given his experience on the football field, guys like that, they have been there a lot more times. But you just have to overcome it. I've got nobody to blame but myself any don't win tomorrow or play well. So you've just got to grind it out.

Q. A couple key par saves on the back side there?

JACK WAGNER: Yeah, I was in the woods a lot. I don't know why, I chipped out a few holes in a row there.

Q. Great saves.

JACK WAGNER: Thanks. (Laughing.)

Q. On 16, were you looking left?

JACK WAGNER: Yeah, I was looking left, like the mental nutcase I can be out there sometimes. You always look for some kind of hole on a par 5, you just can't -- because John and Brett hit great drives, and they are both up by the hole and you just feel like you're really wasting. But you just have to play smart and trust your game a little bit.

Q. Did you guys switch out any clubs knowing the format change? Did you add an extra wood in the bag?

JOHN ELWAY: You know, to me, you have to be more aggressive, but to me, I've actually hit more 3-woods this year than I have ever. So all I want to do, I just want to be in the fairway. 9 is really the longest hole that we'll play. Other than that, if you're in the fairway, you just want to knock it on the green and give yourself a chance to roll in for birdie.

Off the tee, I've actually been less aggressive, but then on your second shots, trying to be more aggressive.

Q. Was your tournament last week?

JOHN ELWAY: No. We moved it back to September.

Q. Last year you were talking about maybe considering Stableford system for that.

JOHN ELWAY: I think I'm going to do it this year.

JACK WAGNER: I think it's a great example. Our group is a great example, we've never made that many birdies before. We must have had 20-some birdies today. We had nearly 18 or 20 birdies and I think that's a great example of how you just loosen your stroke up a little, because we just don't play that much tournament golf to be good enough to, you know, stroke it to the hole. So I think that's a good example of how this is a good format for this tour.

Q. Not a lot of points on the par 5s.

JOHN ELWAY: I've yet to birdie a par 5.



JACK WAGNER: (Laughs).

JOHN ELWAY: I lipped out on 3 and 4, I had probably an 8-footer on 3 that I lipped out. 16, I was in the bunker pin-high and made a bad bunker shot and left the putt short.

18 I battle with every time I play it. I tried to get smart and hit 3-wood there. So I finally hit a shot into the green and hit 5-iron to the beach. So, I don't know. That's what happens when you're a mental midget.

JACK WAGNER: I'm going to caddie for John next year. We're going to switch years.

Q. Conceivable somebody could go 80 tomorrow, 80 points?

JACK WAGNER: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. No question.

Q. You're seven back, do you think you're going to have to be a little more aggressive or are you thinking play your game?

JOHN ELWAY: Make some putts. I'm just going to try to hit the greens and roll some putts in. I'm not going to get any more aggressive off the tee. I'm just to go to try hit it the fairway, on the green and roll it in. If you do that, you get on a little bit of a roll like each one of us did today, you have a chance to make some points.

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