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July 18, 2003

John Elway

Al Del Greco

Dan Quinn

Jack Wagner


PHIL WEIDINGER: We have Dan Quinn, defending champion, Al Del Greco, John Elway and Jack Wagner in here. Guys, talk about the number, starting with Jack Wagner.

JACK WAGNER: Rick Rhoden had four points. (Laughter.)

Let's see, this format I think is really exciting for this tournament. I think this is a really good choice for this format because the last four or five holes, you can probably birdie in, if not make an eagle, because the ball is rolling hard, it's rolling fast and very dry out there.

The greens are firm. So, you know you can literally birdie four or five holes coming in, if you can keep it straight.

DAN QUINN: You're supposed to be talking about your round.

JACK WAGNER: My round?

JOHN ELWAY: So what happens if you play them 2-over?

JACK WAGNER: Who did that? Nobody did that. Who bogeyed 18?


JACK WAGNER: Oh really? Oh, okay. What did I do? I was pretty flat all day. Hit the ball okay, putted poorly but I birdied two out of the last three and kind of got back in the mix. Pretty uneventful front. Played with Danny and Rick. Rick had a bad day. Danny had a fantastic front nine, 4- or 5-under with a bogey. We have had some good times in that group. Especially Al has played -- John has never played in the last group, I don't think, but Al has.

PHIL WEIDINGER: John shot today a 73.

JOHN ELWAY: I got my day off to a good start. I made a 2 on 2. For that format gets you a nice little start, getting six points after the second hole. That kind of got me going. I hit it good, didn't putt very well. I putted scary the whole day, and made three bogeys and bogeyed 16 and 18. I made 20 points on the par 5, which I was talking to Al and he made 12 on the par 5s. It just shows you, this format, if you get hot on the par 5s, birdies or even an eagle on the par 5s, it can change everything around.

Q. What did you have in on 2, how far?

JOHN ELWAY: On 2, I had 113 yards. I hit a sand wedge in there and it landed right of the hole past of the pin. It was down in the gully. I didn't even see it go in. It was a nice start.

Q. Have you had eagle on a par 4 during this event?

JOHN ELWAY: No I waited till they went to Stableford. I figured at some point in time I was going to go Stableford, so I was going to hold off. Timing was good.

PHIL WEIDINGER: Al Del Greco, 26 points. Shot 69, tied for second with Mr. Quinn.

AL DEL GRECO: I hit the ball really, really well. Early I missed the first two greens I played, 10 and 11. Got it up-and-down both times, made a couple good putts to start out there. Got a bad yardage, just didn't figure it right on 14 and hit it over the green. Didn't get it up-and-down there. And then finally, birdied 16, 17 and 18. Made about a 23-footer for par on 1, which was -- I hit the lip of the bunker coming out of there, which kind of just kept me going a little bit.

And then birdied 3 and 4, and honestly, was inside of six feet on 5, 6 and 8 and didn't make any of those.

Then I 3-putted 9 from about 16 feet. So I putted good at times, I had a lot of putts that I felt I had a good chance to make that I didn't, but 26 points is a lot of points and puts me right in the mix. So I'm pretty happy.

PHIL WEIDINGER: Danny Quinn, tied for second, 26 points and 18 of them on the front nine.

DAN QUINN: I started out pretty good. I had about six feet on 1 and missed it. But then I birdied 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 with a bogey on 5.

Played pretty well the rest of the way. Got a little maybe tentative with the putter and kind of, you get to 16, 17, 18, you birdie them, which was sort of what I had in mind. And I had it pretty close on 10 and 13 and 15.

Anyway, all said and done, it's a good start and it will be an exciting weekend.

Q. We've heard Jack talk about the Stableford. What do the rest of you guys think?

DAN QUINN: I think at the end of the day, the end of 54 holes, there will be some swings, but whoever plays the best will win.

That said, there's some exciting things that can occur and probably will occur between now and then. John had a great start with a 2 there. He could have went out and got a huge number going, if he could have made some birdies on the par 5s.

I think at the end of the day, whoever plays steadiest or who birdies at the right times will be the one that ends up winning.

AL DEL GRECO: I agree with Dan. I think it's going to be probably four, five, six guys there in the afternoon on Sunday. Provided that one of the leaders doesn't make a hole-in-one or a couple eagles or something like that. I think there's going to be a lot of people very, very close at the end, which is the way it finished today. I agree with what he said, if you look at the gross scores that everybody shot, they kind of go hand and hand with where you are point-wise, as well.

Q. John, how do you like this format so far, besides No. 2?

JOHN ELWAY: I love it. I don't have to worry about the 12th. You can go out there, and I think that's what everybody really worries about what they come here and play is the fact that they don't want to take that big number because a big number will take you right out of it. So by having it only where we can lose two points if we have a couple bad swings, I think guys enjoy it a lot more. I know I do. Plus, it keeps a lot more guys in the hunt. You know, a couple eagles here and there can really kind of turn things around.

Q. Jack, you almost aced 17, didn't you?


Q. What did you hit there?

JACK WAGNER: I hit a pretty solid 8-iron. Just hit it in the right spot. That green has a tendency to play hard, so you really can't hit it to the hole. I hit it just past the fringe and just bounced up there about six inches.

JOHN ELWAY: Did you pull it?

JACK WAGNER: I yanked it a little. Why? A little yank.

JOHN ELWAY: Tried to play it straight and yank it. (Laughing).

JACK WAGNER: Straight at the tree and cut it.

Q. Being four of the more serious players out here, do you have any problem concentrating with the influx of all kind of wild personalities and people who come in who are not on the Tour every week for all of your events?

JOHN ELWAY: I don't. It's just fun, because I've been here every year since the very beginning. So it's like something that I put on the calendar every year and look forward to coming up here and playing.

It's actually kind of fun to get to meet different people and get to know some different people. But we've all four been here for a long time, so it's also nice to be back. I just go out and try to play the best I can and have some fun doing it.

Q. Do you guys think that the course is playing a little easier? Do you think it's a little easier this year?

DAN QUINN: There's no wind today.

JOHN ELWAY: And I think the greens are better this year. They are not nearly as spongy or bouncy as they have been in the past. The greens actually are better.

Q. There's some talk about quarterbacks and hockey players continually doing well. Can you guys share about that?

JOHN ELWAY: Actors aren't in there?

JACK WAGNER: Why quarterbacks specifically? They stiffed Al, the kicker. (Laughs).

DAN QUINN: Kickers and actors are a lot alike.

JACK WAGNER: Nobody talks to either of them. It's brutal.

AL DEL GRECO: Take note that John called me a football player, too. Thank you, John. What do I owe you?

JOHN ELWAY: Only because you're retired. (Laughter.)

Q. I notice, John, I think you were 15 to 1 going off across the street.

JOHN ELWAY: 15 to 1?

Q. Did you get here in time?

JOHN ELWAY: I did not get here in time to put a bet down. Of course -- never mind. (Laughter.)

End of FastScripts....

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