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September 9, 1994

Gigi Fernandez

Natalia Zvereva


NATASHA ZVEREVA: Are you deaf? I mean did you hear like the person say "questions" or something?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: Does anybody have any questions?

Q. That was on the last point, you thought the serve was out?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: The serve was clearly out.

Q. Were you hoping for an overrule on that?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: When the ball is clearly out, you always look for an overrule.

Q. What would you guys do differently?


Q. Tactically, what would you guys do differently?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I don't think it is a matter of tactics, you know, we are both very tense.

GIGI FERNANDEZ: We could have had an orgasm between sets; we might have had a chance.

NATASHA ZVEREVA: That would have helped. It was very tense.

GIGI FERNANDEZ: Just too tense. Can't play tennis like that.

NATASHA ZVEREVA: You try to realize what it is, but there is no salvation -- there is no solve -- you can't solve it.

GIGI FERNANDEZ: You know you are tight; you know you can't move and see the ball and you can't make yourself do it.

Q. What did you guys DO when you went back to the locker room for the rain delay? What did you do? What did you think?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: We just thought -- I thought, you know, I will go out there and give it my best shot; see what happens.

Q. You guys got back out there a lot earlier than they did. Were you just hoping maybe you could hit your way back into the match a little bit?

NATASHA ZVEREVA: No, we just needed a warmup.

Q. Now it looked like at the beginning of the second set, after you had-- they had 4-5 breakpoints in the first game, looked like you turned it around?



GIGI FERNANDEZ: Key to the match was the first game of the third set. We had two breakpoints. I missed two volleys that I normally hit with my eyes closed, but in this situation I didn't make them. That is what cost us the match. We had the momentum on our side. We won six straight games. I think we would have kept rolling at that point. But...

Q. At that point did you -- up to that point, did you think that you were really back into the match; you were going to -- that you had a decent shot in the third set?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: Yeah, we are playing Maleeva and White; not playing Novotna and Sanchez. Get to the third set, we feel pretty good about our chances.

Q. What happened to you serving for the match and the ball was out and. . .

GIGI FERNANDEZ: What do you do?

Q. Yes.

GIGI FERNANDEZ: If I am serving?

Q. Yes.

GIGI FERNANDEZ: You have to go with the call. I am sure they didn't see it. But you can't do anything about it.

Q. I mean, the situation is going to be opposite, that you are -- you serve and the ball was out and it was matchpoint for you?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: Well, there is two people there that are professionals. One is calling the line; one is in the chair. They have to do their job. If they can't do their job --

Q. You have seen Muster?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: No. I have seen him many times, yes.

Q. He changed the call.

GIGI FERNANDEZ: He was -- perhaps, he was sure the ball was called incorrectly. I mean, when the ball is on the other side of the net, you don't see it as well. So maybe we are not expecting them to change the call, it is the umpire's and the linesperson's job. Just stinks to lose that way, you know, it is like for the second year in a row we get put fourth on center; sitting around; waiting all day; get out and there is 100 people in the crowd; nobody cares. We asked to be put on Grandstand at a normal time like noon or one or something; they said, no. I don't understand why because we are waiting around; waiting around; then there is nobody there. All it does is makes us uptight all day and, you know, you do the same thing and we did our best and maybe next year we will lose one of the other three so we don't have to come here and be miserable.

Q. Who did you talk to about the scheduling change?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: The referees--

NATASHA ZVEREVA: I have to add, we come off the court, all right, and like they said, well, there is one person that wants to talk to you, and we are talking on the phone and we are ready to go to have a nice dinner and you guys show up out of nowhere. Isn't that lame?

GIGI FERNANDEZ: If we would have won, we would be having dinner. We win; nobody gives a shit. Totally lame.

Q. I was going to be here win or lose.

GIGI FERNANDEZ: Thanks, appreciate it.

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