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September 9, 1994

Katerina Maleeva

Robin White


Q. Was that last serve good?


Q. They called it good, didn't they?

ROBIN WHITE: That is all that matters.

Q. Did you think after the second set that they were like really back in the match and had you guys kind of back on your heals a little bit in the second set?

ROBIN WHITE: I think we were a little unlucky there. That set we had breakpoints in the very first game to go 1-Love, so I don't necessarily think that we were, the match is over after that. We are on the defensive; a little bit of unluck if things turned the other way, we could have been -- 2-Love is a big difference. Katerina said you play a lot different when you are 2-Love up than 2-Love down. They got a little opening and they took it. That is only one set Z.

Q. How hopeful were you guys of winning this match before it began. Seems to me like it is playing the 1928 Yankees or something like that, very strong team. You were confident going into the match?

ROBIN WHITE: I mean --

KATERINA MALEEVA: She won a Grand Slam title in doubles, so...

Q. What year was that Robin?

ROBIN WHITE: '88 with Gigi.

Q. Which tournament was that?


Q. Do you feel sorry for those two that you just beat? They are on the lip of history, you might say.

KATERINA MALEEVA: It must be very difficult for them right now, but we go out there to win. We don't go out to feel sorry for someone. I mean, you go to do your job and I think we played very well today and you can feel that they were a little bit tense because it was a big match for them and we did not have anything to lose and they had everything to lose, but that is tennis.

Q. Who do you have in the finals?

ROBIN WHITE: They play tomorrow.

Q. You don't know yet?


Q. Robin, do you think that knowing Gigi's game the way you do, do you think that gave you an advantage?

ROBIN WHITE: For sure. It's advantage both ways. She knows my game. I mean, basically to me it evens things out. Gigi has beaten me a number of times; I have beaten Gigi a few times too. She had a lot more pressure on her today than I had. I can go out there and enjoy it and have a good time. They are trying to make history. I remember last year in a match before they played the Open; they were doing the same thing. They were very, very uptight that year. I have to say, I don't think they were as uptight, but it helps, you know, Gigi knows my weaknesses; I know hers. I have seen her play enough. I know more or less where she is going to hit the ball. It is just matter of getting there.

Q. This was far away the best match of the day; at least, on the stadium and there were maybe 11 people that saw the end of it; is that a little frustrating?

ROBIN WHITE: I walk out there and I don't notice how big the court is; how many people are in the stands. You know, sure, you would, for the public's sake, wish that they could enjoy and watch something like this. We were -- CBS wanted us on so it would be on TV. I didn't see too many commentators in the CBS booth about five o'clock when we started there. Nothing we can do about when we are scheduled, how many people are in the stands. I think doubles, unfortunately, sometimes doesn't get the best end of the straw, you know, I mean the men's doubles final started before maybe a 1000 people. This is a Grand Slam. They should make it somehow, you know, so that the people are there.

Q. What did you guys do during the rain delay? How did you react to that? Two points from this monumental victory; now comes the rain; got to be a little frustrating?

ROBIN WHITE: I think we had the big advantage being 5-3, 2 points from it. They are two points from losing. We just hung out in the locker room and ironed our shirts; tried to find out if the rain had stopped.

Q. Were you guys pushing to hope for a redemption today rather than holding it over 'til tomorrow?

ROBIN WHITE: Ask Katerina because she was the one serving.

KATERINA MALEEVA: Well, I guess it was better to play tonight because too many things can go -- we were so close to victory. I really didn't think too much about it because I knew we had plenty of time to wait tonight.

Q. Do you still live in Del Mar?


Q. Were these some of the toughest conditions that you had to deal with at the Open, you had a wind storm right in the middle of the first set; started off sunny; by the end of the match it is dark; kind of going from sunny to overcast; light is changing, we have the delay. Was that a problem, I mean, I know that service tosses have been going all over the place?

KATERINA MALEEVA: It wasn't fun to play in the beginning; especially in the first set because you were struggling, trying to hit the ball in the court. And didn't really have too many opportunities to do too many things with the ball. You had to stick to the basic, get the ball in the court. And then the weather got better and it was fun, although, we were losing.

Q. Last year they lost to Sanchez/Sukova under the same conditions, raining, darkness; by night. Do you think they have some problem to play on this surface or maybe it's the pressure to complete the Grand Slam --

ROBIN WHITE: I'd say it is more the pressure, the completion, I mean, now, you lose first round; it is almost no big deal, but now they are two matches away from it, you know, and the closer it is, it is going to build as the tournament goes; the matches are going to get tougher for them along the way as it should. The matches get tougher for us along the way too. Conditions are the same for everybody out there, and it is unfortunate I guess last year I didn't know that, but you know, we had to play also today, so...

Q. How many tournaments have you guys played together?


Q. How did you do there, the other two?

ROBIN WHITE: Won a couple of matches.

KATERINA MALEEVA: Won third round at Wimbledon and first round in Stratton Mountain to Sanchez and Martinez which was the --

Q. You went to third round Wimbledon, first round where?

KATERINA MALEEVA: Stratton Mountain in Vermont.

Q. How did you happen to make your alliance; how did you happen to get together?

KATERINA MALEEVA: Well, Robin she called my agent and she asked if I could play or Maggie and Maggie wasn't sure, so I said I would play. I knew Robin was a good doubles player, so I can only benefit from it, and as you can see in the results.

Q. What attracted you to these two, Robin? Why were you so interested in playing with one of the Maleevas?

ROBIN WHITE: At the time, I wasn't playing a whole lot, so it a lot harder to find a partner. I don't want to say I was desperate, I was putting calls into anybody and I was going to bite at any offer. I didn't play with Katerina before until we played at Wimbledon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't think that necessarily would be our strongest surface, the grass, and I had a good time and any time I enjoy myself on the tennis court, I think my results are going to be a little bit better, whether I win or lose. I feel I can play better tennis under those conditions.

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